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Post WTAC cleanup; exhaust, engines, a whole car, Brembo's, diffs, bonnet...

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Post WTAC cleanup; exhaust, engines, a whole car, Brembo's, diffs, bonnet...





No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down.

I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs.

Location: Homebush/Sydney





S15 Apexi PS Revolution exhaust

Rare and discontinued


This has a built-in automatic ACTIVE silencer, at idle and cruising speed it is quiet, but when you put your foot down it roars and flows enough to make at least 330rwkw. It opens up quickly because my car made 25psi at only 4000rpm.


The majority of the piping is 85mm or 3.3inches. The silencer is adjustable and comes with the Apexi adjusting tool. There is some light scratches on the mid muffler. No dents or bangs. The hangers are lighweight hollow.


We were experimenting with BANG BANG anti-lag and it loosened the silencer so it now rattles when cold and quiet when warm, I haven't played with adjusting the silencer and I am now sponsored by Performance Exhaust Centre so my rare PS Revolution has to find a new home. I have two videos of this cold rattle / warm quiet on instagram @AlphaOmegaRacing , it's the (new engine) first start video and the one after that.


I bought it brand new and have all the paperwork, I even kept a peice of the box with the tag.


Price when new was $1700, my price = $850














S15 helical LSD diff in excellent condition, and driveshafts, 3.7 ratio

Pulled this out around 8 years ago, complete, installed a kaaz 2 way and kept this as backup. Recently sold the kaaz 2 way and put this back in for a little while. For WTAC I just put in a nismo 1.5 way and I don't ever see myself going back to standard again. It's filled with Mobil 1 racing oil, one stud is missing.


Price: $350


(it's the diff and shafts towards the right)





R32 GTS4 + S15 diff parts


I bought 3 diffs; a nismo 1.5 way centre for GTR, an R32 gts4 diff, an s15 diff, put them all into a blender and out came a GTR diff that bolts into the S15 - which I'm now using.


These are the remaining parts from this project, there's a final drive/diff gears of 4.11 in there as well as 2 centres, bolts, bearings, half shafts, housings, etc. The diff and shafts on the right are NOT part of this package.


Price: $300 for everything, or can separate, please ask for individual prices.











R32 GTR rear brake calipers with as-new Project Mu HC-CS brake pads


Rebuilt with the genuine Nissan rebuild kit and resprayed black when I got them years ago. I always rebuild my brakes prior to install and you should too. It comes with all the shims clips pins. I installed brand new Project Mu HC-CS brake pads and shortly afterwards I upgraded to EVO 350mm Brembo rears so the pads are almost new.


HC-CS pads are a japanese-only pad that isn't advertised locally or available locally, they are similar to the HC+ or HC800 pads in that they are a street/track pad (i daily drive on these on my new EVO 350m Brembo brakes), but they hold a consistent coefficient of friction over a wider temperature range.


I also have some brand new "firepower" brake pads.



GTR32 Calipers without pads = $150

Project Mu HC-CS pads = $150

Firepower pads brand new = $50










S15 vented bonnet

I bought this off scumtree mainly for the vents/cooling for WTAC along with many other body parts, but none of it made it onto my car. My standards are high so I think this is a shit bonnet, the paint is crap and there's small cracks around the vents. Good for a drift pig or someone who isn't after perfection. It comes with a pair of bonnet pins.


Price: $299











S13 complete engine disassembled with a decked block, decked oil pump, decked head that's sandblasted, hot tanked and basically ready to assemble.


Never got around to finishing this project, it was meant to go into a Sil80 and I traded a customer these parts for some Alpha Omega Racing stuff. He gave me 4 large plastic containers with all the parts that is needed to have a fully assembled engine ready to install. I didn't see a crank but it comes with brand new bearings for everything and brand new piston rings, 4x pistons and rods (I've got more than 4 but I'm keeping some for my shelf), decked block that you should lightly hone the bores, decked head, cams, springs, valves, rockers, stripped the paint off the rocker cover, sumps, intake manifold, wiring harness, sensors, oil pump (that's been decked with the block), lots and lots of stuff. Not separating.


Price: $1000















Sil80 with the following:

Type X tail lights and garnish, whole setup

APEXI power fc with hand controller

APEXI avcr electronic boost controller

NISMO 740cc injectors

NISMO adjustable fuel pressure reg

SPLITFIRE coilpacks

GTR r32 intercooler

GTR r32 front seats

CUSCO half cage gold

HKS ssqv plumbed back blow off valve

HKS turbo actuator

Garrett S15 T28 ball bearing turbo

TEIN coilovers

Z32 afm

K&N pod filter with covers

Front and rear strut braces

Middle floor brace

Hicas lock bar

VIPER 2 way pager alarm with remote start

SHARP POINT wangan rear wing

Bridgestone POTENZA RE002, 225 fronts and 235 rears with lots of tread

17" Blitz technospeed rims, may be fake copies

All adjustable suspension arms

3" turbo back exhaust

Slotted front rotors

3 core alloy radiator

Century 3 year warranty battery full charge

NARDI steering wheel with boss kit

VERTEX rear bar

VERTEX side skirts

smoked corner lights

Solid steering bush

full interior

type R shift knob

AUTOLOK 2000 steering wheel lock


half the paint is average to shit, half the paint is good to great (had a repsray)

rego expired on september 29, which is 3 weeks ago as of this writing, can be easily registered without any penalty within 3 months.


Engine has probably done a big end, it starts but it's horrible. I was going to install a standard rebuilt engine into it for a bit of drift fun but I'm focusing on WTAC and don't have the time for this. Bought it and it's been collecting dust, leaves and cobwebs ever since.


Battery, ECU, hand controller and steering wheel have been removed so the only way this car will be stolen is if you bring a tow truck. Speaking of which, you need to bring a trailer to get this home.


Parts are worth more than my price but I don't have the time to part it out, it's a whole car that will drive with another engine, or a rebuilt engine like I was going to do. You can buy the lot, take what you want and part it out if you wish.


Price: $4999






















Silvia/Skyline EVO 350mm Brembo brakes




Alpha Omega Racing adapter kit p1

Alpha Omega Racing braided brake lines, new

RDA slotted rotors

EVO Brembo calipers, pads, shims, clips, pins - rebuilt and powdercoated blue


New price = $2398, my price = $1650



These are the calipers when they were new, they're well used now so I'll get some up to date pics soon...








Alpha Omega Racing rear adapter kit, WTAC edition, blemished but new

Alpha Omega Racing braided brake lines, new

DBA slotted rotors, brand new but has seen the rain so they don't look nice

EVO Brembo calipers, pads, shims, clips, pins


New price = $1551, my price = $1280









No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down.

I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs.

Location: Homebush/Sydney

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