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Found 17 results

  1. For Sale or swaps (S15 only). Pics and mods list below Looking for offers between 10-15K, still not sure if I want to sell. Location : ACT Engine Bay: S2 R33 RB25DET Garret 3076R Turbo High mount Manifold/Braided lines Kakimoto Mega N1 exhaust Custom high mount dump pipe Tial V44 44mm External Wastegate Greddy style forward facing plenum Blitz 850CC Injectors Blitz BOV GREX Oil Cooler/Relocation kit Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator Splitfire Coil packs K&N 4 inch Intake Air Filter Front mounted intercooler Cooling Pro Aluminium Radiator Greddy Oil Catch Can KB Engineering Brass Button Clutch Custom Stainless Steel intercooler and turbo piping Suspension / Handling: Tein Super Street coilovers Cusco Front Strut Brace Super Pro bushes Hicas lockout/ complete removal KAAZ 1.5 way LSD Braking: R32 GTR Brake Calipers RDA Slotted Rotors F & R Intima SR Pads F & R Electronics / Interior: Vipec RB25 plug in ECU Mongoose GPS alarm Optima Yellow Top Battery (Boot mounted) Bee*R Rev Limiter (not plugged in since new turbo, ecu, exhaust fitted) Battle Stage Boost Gauge NISMO Short Shift kit NISMO Shift Knob – black metal Nardi classic wheel R32 GTR Seats Exterior: Genuine Final Konnexion Body kit 17 inch Work Meister S1 Monoblock (8.5” front 9.5” rear) 18 inch HP Design split 5 spoke I have owned this R32 since Dec 6, 2006. When I bought it, all it had an HKS exhaust, HKS pod filter and unknown brand intercooler. Since purchase, after two different turbo setups, I have spent about $40k on it, all parts genuine. I would really like to keep it, but with 1 new baby and plans for another in the future, I would like to get something a bit more standard and easier to store down my driveway. The engine conversion was engineered. car recently tuned by ESP to 280KW at rears. The car still needs some work. The paint is very rough; the Final Konnexion Body Kit is second hand and not yet fitted. Due to the car sitting for a 3 year period during turbo/ intake manifold change. The engine has been found to have pretty poor compression (showed up after tuning). Car still runs and drives fine apart from compression issue ($1000-1500 for Replacement engine) The pics are just ones that I had on my computer, can take new ones if people want more info PM or message 0431900505
  2. Got this from a mate recently but need cash for other parts. Pickups at Runcorn Brisbane or can post it. I paid $150
  3. WTS. Got a rb25det series 2 judging by the exhaust cam gear were the sensor goes in. New gates racing timing belt and pulleys. New water pump. New thermostat. New cam seals, crank seals. Sump resealed and painted. Block painted. New rocker cover gasket kit fitted. Rocker covers painted. China FFP and 80mm tb. Top feed fuel rail. Also got a 25 gearbox to go with it. Need to sell for funds for workshop. Looking to get rid of them as a package deal $2800ono will make it cheaper if I install it at my workshop with a cheap labour rate. Willing to separate gearbox if fitted at the workshop. Please feel free to PM me for anymore details or call 0432617584 Located at my workshop in Molendinar Gold Coast 4214
  4. [SYD] R33 4 door S1 parts

    Parts in Wollongong. Prices are firm/pick up, can post but you're paying for it. R33 S1 RB25DET - has low comp, starts at 140 on one end and 100 at the other. Will re-do comp test this week to confirm. Motor still starts easy and drives fine enough, burns oil though. Complete with intake/manifolds/turbo, no loom or ecu. Unsure of KM's, has had timing belt/water pump done at some point. $650 R33 4 door weathershields - complete with chrome strip. $200 R33 mirrors $20 each R33 S1 front guards $120 each R33 cusco? front strut brace $80 R33 GReddy returnflow fmic kit, all piping included $350 S13 driver side OO[] headlight, inside mounts broken off $50 S14/R33 non-hicas subframe, bare, $50 Prodrive GC05A wheels 17x8 +32 17x9 +35 new 215/45 and 225/45 tyres 5x114.3 pcd $600 for the set (sample pic, wheels are in great condition, look better than this one)
  5. GOLD COAST HINTERLAND s13 silvia project $8000 engine conversion to Rrb25det. New engine has been fitted in and only run 5000 kilometres Dyno Tune at 350hp polished engine bay Crystal tail lights Greddy intake manifold Greddy ProTec B Spec II boost controller Greddy intercooler with 3 inchwith Stainless Steal piping Apexi turbo timer Mspec aluminum radiator Aluminum radiator bottle stainless highmount manifold with t3 turbo BRAND NEW Exedy heavy duty clutch Rebuilt gearbox stainless steal sway bar external gate Blow off valve 3inch Full exhaust system spitfire coilpacks BRAND NEW haltech platnum pro ECU Bride gias 2 low max bucket seats and rails SARD fuel reg WALBRO fuel pump TEIN fully adjustable coilovers R33 skyline front brakes Pterson Oil catch can deepdish steering wheel 3 Blitz gauges installed into dashboard (not wired up) BRAND NEW still in plastic polished 18” lenso D1’s with tyres (18x 10 –1) (18x8.g +10) 5 stud conversion screamer pipe 800cc siemens injectors with custom fuel rails series 2 S14 headlights straight body with shaved door handles with poppers (needs gaurds and bonnet) SELLING BECAUSE IM WANTING SOMTHING MORE PRACTICAL call or text me 0419383571
  6. Hey guys, I thought I would re-do my ride thread here - As to be honest - I work a 2nd job so I can start to race - But I don't have the time due to the 2nd job! So its not really a Motorsport build... I've had a few threads and CBF re-typing it all (Check the Motorsport thread for the build) Currently as it sits: THE CAR: 1990 S13 Silvia (Onevia – 180SX front end) Handling: R33GTS-T rear cradle swap. R33 GTS-T brakes – Upgraded BMC Braided brake lines, slotted rotors with EBC pads and race fluid 17 x 9.5 alloy wheels with Federal RSR Semi slicks (Basic entry level tyre) Full replacement arms – Entire Driftworks catalogue + Geomaster knuckles front and rear. Driftworks CS2 coilovers Solid steering bush Full sound deadening strip Battery relocated to boot Rear strut brace Cusco 6 point bolt in cage Sparco Circuit Pro seat Driftworks 4 point harness 2 seat conversion Engine: Running safe and standard for now - 210kw wheels RB25det engine swap RB25 5 speed box (All with McKinney motorsport mounts – Not cut and shut) Haltech platinum pro ECU Racepack IQ3 Digital Dash Spitfire coilpacks Steering / oil cooler Gktech bash plate Gktech cooling panel Greddy FMIC Pod filter Extra sensors – Wideband O2 / Fuel pressure etc Cosmetics: Custom flugplatz blue paint Full body kit Genuine G-Corporation 50mm rear fenders Lexen replacement ¼ glass Fibre glass bonnet S15 Dash swap Quick release Driftworks Nardi wheel Picture dump below! If anyone has any questions about anything – Feel free to ask away! I’ve done 99% of the work myself (Apart from ECU tune etc) EDIT: 27/2/14 Went out last night and bought a diff – 2nd hand NISMO 2-Way. I’ll hopefully have this fitted on the weekend and might go and hit up QR for a Friday night practice.
  7. Hey everyone. I need help, tips and pointers from people who have done this before or know information on it. So I don't want people saying "go rb20 it's easy" or asking how much power I want. I'm just getting it together and running standard not going massive power now. I have a r32 skyline rolling shell and putting a series 2 rb25det into it. I have gearbox n the custom mounts to fit the 32, the motor and other bits and pieces. 1st, question would be, is a rb20det radiator the same as a rb25det? If not will a rb25det radiator fit in the standard brackets in the r32? 2nd, the loom and ecu I still need to buy but want to know will it all plug and go or do I need to customize the loom to fit the r32 and if so is it a small easy job or do I need it professionally done? Does someone have a step by step instructions for it? 3rd, when I got the car it came with the exhaust from the cat back but no cat, the bolt pattern is 3 bolts and seems to be 4", now I have looked up r32 and r33 cars and they are 2 bolt does anyone have a idea what the 3 bolt goes to? 4th, can someone tag the how to thread for installing a forward facing plenum on a rb25, I have been searching and can't find it. Thanks everyone in advance, I'm sure I'll have more and more questions but a lot of help would be great thanks Mark
  8. Teenage R33 4door and more

    It has been a experience owning imports! A couple of years back I purchased a 33 4door to do something a little different, back then know one really owned 33 4doors and i had never really seen any nice ones not even on google. I thought I could build something pretty cool seeing as I had a relatively blank canvas with not influence from other builds. I found my inspiration from any car that appealed to myself and tried to see if could apply it to the 4door. The thing is, my taste was always evolving.. Before I dedicate this thread to my 4doors THE 180SX Purchased this car with with no import knowledge and no friends into imports. I new what I wanted and did the whole impulse buy, I really wanted a s13.. oh well. Motor cracked a bore in the first 2 weeks, after letting it sit for a while I decided to do full forged build cams blah blah blah. Paid AVO turboworld 10k cash upfront just for the built motor and cams alone. They were bed wetters promising the world and then taking 1year to build an sr20det LOL (laughing at my own stupidity; in my defense friends of friends type of thing) and i the end refusing to give receipts for anything. Whilst waiting for a year for the motor to be finished, I purchased heaps of shit, new gearboxes, new wheels, 3071, braided line, sump, suspension components etc. etc. Once I got the car back I hated it because of AVO. I did some more mods to it then sold it on run in, having never drifted it. 3 years bye bye... BRING IN THE GIMP (lesson learnt- build smart) For the aforementioned reasons I ended up with this My first mod was 100,000km service and roof racks for the snow season! mint! After a while of daily enjoyment I started with the mods to build the car my way. mods list that took place before my first drift day Summert Matsuri 2012, some cosmetic for daily life some for drift. -Shimmed diff -loom over strut tower -power fc -highflow turbo -strut brace -rear camber arms -castor rods -BC coils -replaced front mount with return flow front mount -shimmed diff -bought some xxr for skids rims -relined with black carpet and also did parcel shelf -dashmat -bucket seat -wool seat covers to hide said bucket seat -Fuel pump -Exhaust -blitz I colour -side skirts -JDI knuckles and longer tierods (only because got offered them really really cheap) -raise bonnet -Frush gaskets! Not the most impressive list but for a daily/drift car the balance of both worlds was perfect. Fake wheels so I didnt care about damaging them, stock engine bay, wool seat covers to hide the bucket seat from the Police. No defect in over 2 years of driving daily.f**k yeah This brings back memories, driving to Matsuri. Barney had 100k plus work tow rig with Tins car on the trailer. Very happy This is about the only real picture I got when I was on the track...f**k yeah
  9. G’day guys. New to the forum just thought I would introduce my current project car. It is a bit of a strange one and I am anticipating a fair amount of hate (so be gentle) but basically I have thrown an rb25det into my old e36 BMW. It has been a long build as everything has had to be fabricated from scratch but I’m finally at the fun end of the build (the tuning) which is what brings me to this forum. List of current mods include Rb25det series 2 with 5speed gearbox (Nissan) Greddy front facing intake plenum LS2 truck external mount coil packs 525cc Delphi injectors PWR intercooler Greddy bov (plumbed back) 80mm throttle body Bosch 040 fuel pump Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator Custom 3inch stainless exhaust system with high flow cat I am still sitting on stock internals, turbo and wiring loom for the time being as I would like to have the thing drivable before I go for the new cams and turbo The ECU that I have paired with it is a Haltech pro plug in. which is where I have hit a wall. Living in Cairns has made it very difficult to find someone who would be willing to tune the Haltech ecu (it seems all of the local tuners prefer vi-pec) and I was hoping that someone on this forum knows a guy who knows a guy that would be able to have a look at it for me to get it all running sweet!
  10. so i have a 180sx with a s15 front end. i am currently running a worked sr20det and pushing about 240kw at the rear wheels. i have been told i can get more out of the sr20 but i can get more out of a rb25, i mean its obvious that the 6 is gonna put out more power then a 4 but i just wanted to see whats everyones opinions on the subject. any help is good help after all
  11. Hey, Thought I might post up my 33. One of the cleaner skylines I've seen. All stock atm though, except the rims and exhaust.
  12. Nissan Laurel c33

    I'm new to the forums. Just bought that green Nissan Laurel c33 that was up for sale. RB25DET conversion, hks gtrs turbs, all the suspension done. Had 180kw at the rears when first dyno'd last week after purchase and it was running like shit . Took out the shitty rb20det ecu and swapped it for a Z32 and had it fully tuned at Jaustech in Adelaide. Car is now making 237 at the rears. Next item on the list is a full respray into either alpine white or gun metal grey. The green colour is horrific. Will be using this thread to keep track as the car progresses.
  13. Thought it was about time I created a build thread, been here for awhile now and live in the very quiet area of South Gippsland. Bought my Nissan Gazelle as my first car for cheap cheap and the bug started from there! Was getting towards the end of my S12 build when a mates S14 (some will know it) was being parted out, bought it and has been sitting in my shed while I have saved/collected parts. Slowly getting into track days, did drift skills months ago and had a blast until I blew my diff up haha. Hopefully see more track time towards the end of the year and next as the plan is to make the S14 reliable and get as much seat time as possible! Make: Nissan Model: Gazelle Colour: Light Blue Engine Type: S14 SR20DE Engine Mods: K&N Pod Ford AU thermo's Exhaust: Fujisubo stainless extractors 2 1/4 exhaust with hi-flow cat & muffler Gearbox: Exedy HD clutch Diff: Welded Brakes: SR20DET calipers and slotted rotors Standard rear drums Suspension: BC coilovers front and rear Cazman adjustable castor arms Superpro bushes all round New LCA balljoints Wheels/Tyres: Work Ewing's 16/7 & 16/8 +40 offset SSR MKII 15/7 +12 offset SSR MKIII 15/8 0 offset Exterior: MKI JDM front bar MKI FJ20 JDM grille USDM Turbo ducktail Sleepy eye mod Interior: R32 GTR seat on modded rails Classic Nardi steering wheel Retrimmed upper door panels Stereo: CD player Build Period: Since turning 18 on-going Future mods: Maybe SR20DE+T Make: Nissan Model: S14a AUS delivered 98 model Colour: Blue/Purple Engine Type: rb25det S2 Engine Mods: Greddy E-manage, Spitfire coilpacks, K&N pod, unknown stainless dump (so far) Exhaust: n/a Gearbox: r33 gtst box Diff: r33 gtst 4.1 with shafts Brakes: Standard SR20DET brakes (front) r33 gts-t rear calipers r33 gts-t backing plates r33 gts-t drum handbrake and handbrake cables EBC redstuff pads DBA4000 rotors custom braided lines by enzed traralgon Suspension: Standard springs and struts Powered By Max subframe mount bushes Rear subframe boxed, straps around LCA mounts, traction rod mount raised 20mm Wheels/Tyres: Stockies Exterior: 30mm wide rear guards (TRA-kyoto) Interior: Completely stripped of sound deadening and painted matt black only dash, door trims, console remain Build Period: unknown Future mods: Engine, drivetrain, suspension, cage, buckets seat, deep dish steering wheel, paint, re-install glass and then decent wheels Pictures: More to come!
  14. These aftermarket ISC 52mm dual core radiators are fantastic value for money! They are a direct bolt on replacement for your standard unit and will help to keep your engine temperature at an all time low when driving your vehicle hard whether it be on the street or on the track. RB20DET = $329 SR20DET S13 = $329 SR20DET S14/S15 = $329 RB25DET = $329 RB26DETT = $329 We have recently introduced this newly designed tube and fin intercooler kits into our large range of products. The interccoler itself is approx 40% lighter then another style of cooler (bar and plate). Each intercooler is polished and pressure tested after manufacturing to assure the highest level of quality for our customers. The core is also desinged with an oval tube to increase air flow and reduce turbulence making the cooling more efficient and better for over all performance. The intercooler kits include a "tube and fin core" along with polished pipe work, clamps, brackets, silicon hoses, zip ties, washers, nuts, bolts and basically anything else needed for installation. Kits are available for: Skyline R32gtst = $499 Skyline R33gtst = $499 Skyline R34gtt = $499 Silvia S13 (sr20det) = $499 Silvia S14 = $499 Silvia S15 = $499 ON SALE FOR $399
  15. Rb25DET Neo Cefiro

    Hey mates Im currently in the middle of doing a A31 Cefiro Rb25det Neo project. Thought id share a few pics here and there and offer any help to those doing the same or similar conversion. just to let you know progress has gone a little slow as money and time have become tight recently, but hopefully il be looking at getting her legal, certed and tidied up by may. Btw this is my first forum post as i only ever use forums for infomation not showing off lol Alright enough rambling. Happy posting
  16. Well this is my s13 rb25det it start of as a shitty red shell with a poor excuse for a ca18. got the rb conversion in and loved love it. Then it was time to work on the body but got offered a smick shell so spent a weekend of swapping the motor etc etc etc over Motor: Rb25det garret gr3076r 0.82 6boost manifold 45mm turbosmart gate Microtech ltx-12s Booch coils Eboost2 greddy style inlet 80mm billet throttle body hdi cooler 100mm thick custom plumbing 555cc nismo injectors 3" Custom dump 3" eBay catback 1.7/8" vented screamer Lookalike decat. (Cat are for pussys) Running gear: Rb20 5speed Os giken twin plate clutch Welded r180 4.37 gears Body: Kmak aero kit epic matte grey(primer) deleted line 20mm kmak fronts 25mm flare rear Brakes/wheels: S14 4pot fronts Stock rears Work eurolines 18x9 +30 30mm spacers A disk 18x10 +30 30mm spacers O disk interoir: Pair bride style seats