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Found 3 results

  1. WTAC / race car strippage - No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney =========================================== Audiophile sound setup - Audison SRx3 amplifier Eclipse 10" SW6103.4 Custom S15 7-layer fibreglass subwoofer box, VERY thick and sturdy unlike the ebay ones. I've had it installed with zero drilling or cutting or modifying of the s15's boot trim and it's never ever moved. I'll show you how it's done when you pick it up. Package = $999 =========================================== S15 helical LSD diff in excellent condition, standard 3.7 ratio Pulled this out around 8 years ago, one stud is missing, kept as a backup but I'm never ever going to use it again. Price: $150 =========================================== diff parts... - 4.1 ratio diff gears S15 output shafts various diff centres, nuts, bolts bearings. Parts are from an R32 GTS4 + S15 turbo manual Price: $300 Price drop: $100 take it all, not separating, don't bother asking. ============================= S15 Apexi PS Revolution exhaust Rare and discontinued This has a built-in automatic ACTIVE silencer, at idle and cruising speed it is quiet, but when you put your foot down it roars and flows enough to make at least 330rwkw. It opens up quickly because my car made 25psi at only 4000rpm. The majority of the piping is 85mm or 3.3inches. The silencer is adjustable and comes with the Apexi adjusting tool. There is some light scratches on the mid muffler. No dents or bangs. The hangers are lighweight hollow. We were experimenting with BANG BANG anti-lag and it loosened the silencer so it now rattles when cold and quiet when warm, I haven't played with adjusting the silencer and I am now sponsored by Performance Exhaust Centre so my rare PS Revolution has to find a new home. I have two videos of this cold rattle / warm quiet on instagram @AlphaOmegaRacing , it's the 'new engine first start' video and the one after that. I bought it brand new and have all the paperwork, I even kept a peice of the box with the tag. Price when new was $1700, my price = $850 Price dropped = $700 =========================================== S15 oem ecu with mount $70 =========================================== Bosch 2000cc/2200cc injectors, used, wasn't anything wrong when they were removed. Price: $250 set of 4, not splitting =========================================== permaseal MLS-R turbo lock tabs / locking plates to suit T2 turbos like silvia and GTR turbos Price: $15 ============================= Genuine OEM Nissan R200 diff gasket Price: $50 Price drop: $30 ============================= Universal bolt on flares x4 approximately 50mm wide Price: $280 ============================= No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney
  2. 330rwkw “stock” look S15 VCT SR20DET engine/drivetrain package for sale. 330rwkw on Unigroup's dyno + full boost 25psi @ 4000rpm. Dyno tuned and driven since July 2014 so you know it's a proven package. There’s more power in it considering the turbo can go to 35psi, it's restricted with the stock airbox and an Apexi active exhaust silencer and also sticky 295-wide Advan AD08Rs at zero camber. It’s a stealth engine bay, never been defected since having this setup which isn't easy being widebody and yellow. We’re about to finish a new motor build for WTAC so the current engine is for sale now, it's still in the car so Sydney people can see it running. - *ENGINE/LONG BLOCK* Unigroup Engineering UNI1CAMS camshafts Tomei rocker arm stoppers Alpha Omega Racing valve springs Cosworth metal headgasket ARP head studs Trust/Greddy baffled/extended sump Splitfire coilpacks OEM bottom end *INTAKE/FUEL* Alpha Omega Racing fuel rail kit Bosch 2200cc injectors flow matched by Alpha Omega Racing No manifold spacer OEM intake manifold *EXHAUST/TURBO* Alpha Omega Racing GT500 turbo TiAL MV-S external wastegate Braided oil and water lines OEM exhaust manifold *DRIVETRAIN/GEARBOX* Alpha Omega Racing Z32 Gearbox Conversion Kit Z32 gearbox 2pc tailshaft - new front section balanced onto OEM rear section $8,000 for 330rwkw/25psi @ 4000rpm package, everything listed except the drivetrain package (that's sold). =========================================== Volk Racing GT-P wheels, pair, 17*9+22 Goodyear 225 tyres with 50% tread Rattle can black, doesn't look good at all but structurally in good condition. Price: $250 =========================================== P11 sr20ve VVL/NEO/VE head with camshafts, rockers and shafts, oil bars, valve springs, retainers, seats, sprockets, no valves + blasted/stripped rocker cover with -AN fittings welded, ready for power coating + intake manifold with fuel rail, injectors, sensors, throttle body - new supertech dual valve springs - new supertech titanium retainers - new supertech bronze valve guides (installed but not used) - new inconel exhaust studs (installed but not used) - new OEM Nissan rocker cover gasket - new OEM Nissan rocker cover spark plug gasket - new OEM Nissan manifold gasket - new Tomei N2 oil block with -AN fittings - new OEM Nissan P12 solenoid kit - new OEM Nissan P12 solenoid gasket - modified OEM Nissan P11 solenoid: fits like P12 but independently controls VVL on each camshaft (No remote solenoid adapters/braided lines/fittings required) $4300 package =========================================== No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney