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Found 12 results

  1. Located in WOLLONGONG. Prices are firm, for pickup. Very unlikely to post. Don't have time to do the run around. Won't reply to lowballs. Repaired jap stainless manifold suit SR20DET $50 Gutted cat $20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S13 Silvia + 180SX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S13 manual tailshaft, non-ABS $50 S13 manual gearbox crossmember $20 S13 4 stud rear hubs $50 S13 rear calipers, passenger side needs seals $20 S13 handbrake cables (both sides + front section) $50 S13 rear LCA $40 each S13 non-hicas rear knuckle $40 each S13 5 bolt shaft driver side only $50 S13 stock rear arms (camber, toe, traction) $10 each S13 dash surround $20 S13 mirrors, silver. $30 each S13 mirrors, black. $30 each S13 Silvia washer bottle $20 180SX washer bottle $20 180SX rear bar (white) $50 S13 CA18DET stock flywheel. Needs a machine. $20 S13 CA18DET stock radiator $20 S13 SR20 engine mounts $20 each S13 SR20 alternator $50 S13 SR20DET rocker cover, powdercoated $100 S13 SR20DET AFM "52F00" $50 S13 SR20DET stock flywheel+clutch (and a dead exedy clutch with good pressure plate) $50 S13 SR20DET stock exhaust manifold with heat shield $50 each S13 SR20DET ignitor module $50 S13 SR20DET coilpack loom $50 S13 SR20DET coilpacks $30 each ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S14 Silvia & 200SX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S14 non-hicas rear knuckles $40 each S14 rear LCA $40 each S14 ABS ecu $10 S14 S1 SR20DET ignitor module $50 S14 S1 SR20DET coilpack loom $50 S14 S1 SR20DET coilpacks $30 each ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S15 Silvia & 200SX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S15 non-hicas rear knuckles $40 each S15 rear LCA $40 each S15 ABS ecu $10 S15 SR20DET ADM manual ECU $50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Z32 300ZX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Z32 300ZX headlights $20 each Z32 gunmetal alloy bonnet $50 Z32 non-turbo 5 bolt drive shafts $50 Z32 2+2 non-turbo manual tailshaft, good for Z32/RB25 box conversions in silvias $50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ R3X SKYRINE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RB20/RB26 '22020-05U00' ignitor + coil pack loom $100 RB20DET clutch fan $20 RB20DET engine mounts $20 RB25DET clutch fan $50 RB25DET clutch fan *just the CLUTCH* $20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wheels ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PAIR of Modia Keiichi Tsuchiya wheels $100 5x114.3 16x7+27 rough condition
  2. hi everyone im a mad nissan 300zx z32 twin turbo lover own a black (732) 1990 2+2 t-top twin turbo, a 1991 red 2+2 (ag3) t-top twin turbo and a rare 1994 sapphire blue (tk3) 2+0 slick top twin turbo i would own more but my gf says 3 is enough
  3. Hey guys, I just picked up a 2nd hand, good condition z32 afm. I am already running one in my car, though, its not functioning well. The filter itself is all crunched up aswell. My car suffers from running rich on fuel at the moment and my tuner said simply replace the afm and the filter and i should be sweet. In this case, would i be able to just simply take out the old one and plug in the new one without having to retune it?
  4. WTB: Z32 AFM for the S15

    I'm looking to buy a second hand z32 afm for the s15 Need a good condition one. Western Suburbs.
  5. Got this from a mate recently but need cash for other parts. Pickups at Runcorn Brisbane or can post it. I paid $150
  6. Selling brand new pair of Z32 Air flow meters, these are brand new genuine Bosch items and come with new Tomei plugs to suit. $300each Ono Sheldon Gold Coast
  7. Hey guys, Just cleaning out my room got a few bits and pieces forsale, All parts can be picked up from Glenroy - North Western suburbs (Melbourne) CALL /SMS 0422756270 1. Jecs z32 afm's are good for supporting up to 350rwkw+ great upgrade for s13,s14,s15, r32,r33,r34,GTR's comes with tomei plug and are in excellent condition with the mesh attached on both sides. %100 Genuine item .. Price: $230 for z32 afm including the Tomei plug . Price is FIRM & not Negotiable. Postage: $15 Australia wide registered post with tracking. 2. Genuine Drift 3" pod filter, Never been used, Paid $60 from Autobarn Sell $35 Postage: $10 Australia wide regular post. 3. Racetech R Turbo Boostgauge & Cup holder i took it off as its easier to sell a stock car these days. It has 7 choice of backlight colors with Led which os nice and bright Comes completed with the vacuum line, t connector, gauge cup holder and mounting bracket. Ready to mount on to your turbo ride Price $40 for the complete Gauge and Dashmount/ cup holder. Postage: $10 Australia wide regular post.
  8. Used Spare Parts Imported From Japan ( We Cannot take Enquiries Or Reply Via PM) Enquiries must be via phone (03) 9311-9966 Mobile 0402 379 919 (Lee) Or Email https://www.advancedjapautoimports.com.au/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update Current Stock - Prices Starting From $20 Subaru WRX GDB 6 Speed Sti 2003-2006 & 1999 - 2000 GC8 ( All Parts Available) Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Lancer ( All Parts Available) Legnum Galant EC5A / W Twin Turbo (Most Parts Available) JZA80 MKIV Supra TT 6 SP Manual & Auto - N/A 5 SP & Auto (Most Parts Available) Skylines R33 R34 V35 , All Guises Including 6 Sp Manual S1 V35 With Brembos (Most Parts Available) 200sx , Silvia 180sx , S14 S15 (Most Parts Available) Mazda RX7 Series 4 - 7 (Most Parts Available) Toyota SW20 AW11 NR2 & Starlet ( Glanza ( EP82 - EP91) 4EFTE Turbo 1.3 (Most Parts Available) Pulsar RNN14 GTIR AWD SR20DET (Most Parts Available) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1 - 3 (Some Parts Available) Z32 300zx VG30DETT & VG30DE & M35 Stagea (Some Parts Available) Toyota Soarer 1JZ & 1UZ V8 (Some Parts Available) We Try To Stock The Most Sought After Parts Engines , Gearboxes , Turbo's , Superchargers, Coilovers , Recaro Seats Manual Conversion Kits, Stock & Afternarket Mechanical LSD For S & R chassis Nisssanss ECU'S , AFM , Engine Conversion Packages, sr20, 4g63, 4efte, rb25,rb26, 2jz, 1jz, 13b turbo, 4age supercharged, 4age black top 20 Valve VG30DETT, VG30DE, 6A13 Legnum , VQ35, VQ25 Plus More ............. Location Fact 4/31-39 West Circuit Sunshine West , Vic 3020 (03)9314-7776 - (03) 9311-9966 0402 379 919 (Lee)
  9. Hey guys, ive been furiously thrashing the search button for a clear answer to the above question. Does anyone have a guide to installing a Z32 AFM 'blow through' aka when the AFM goes inb4 the throttle body on the cold side. Wanna know how to install it, how to entend the factory afm wires to reach and what amp/wire to use. how hard it is and if anyone wants to throw their two cents in thats more than welcome.
  10. i put a z32 box in my s13 not long ago, nice tidy thing recently rebuilt and all that, but i got a bit happy/angry smashing third gear on the track and smashed the uni joint in the striking rod for those unfamiliar, this is the piece im talking about: to replace it the top cover has to come off, smash out a roll pin and slide the new one in. im wondering if anyone has done this with the box in the car? im hoping if i drop the rear crossmember down ill be able to access it from the top, but i'd like to hear from someone who's done it before churrrrz
  11. i have a 180sx i have upgraded to a built s15 motor and the 5 speed gearboxs arent holding up any more i am looking to swap to a rb 25 or z32 box but witch way to do is best ive seen some kits out there and im not to keen on putting a spacer between the fly wheel and motor seems dodgey is there a good spacer kit out there? ive been leaning towards the ets kit (engineered to slide) but want to know if there is better ones out there cheers
  12. Ok so i've been asked by a few people to do a build thread so here it is. Happy reading I remember seeing a green s14 series 2 cruisin around in my town waaay back in 2000, and ever since then i've always said once i get my shit together i'm going to get one. Well, my shit is together, and here is my beloved silvia's story. For the record, this is my first turbo car so since buying it i've learnt alot. Didnt really have much to do with cars before this one, ive had a few but never really mucked around with them like i have with this one. So back in 2010 around May whilst searchng on carsales for an s14, this little shiraz coloured rocketship jumped out at me... So i called up the owner and told him i want it, so i paid and he put it on a truck for me and about 2 weeks later my dad and I flew to townsville to drive it home (i didn't have a licence at the time so dad drove) this is it after i first got it registered with my plates slapped on it about 2 or 3 weeks after having it at home. The car ran very well, we were quite impressed with it on the trip home, drove it for 1000k's flawlessly. The old man was a bit scared of the highboost setting lol. The dyno sheet provided with the car said it had around 227kw atw, on somewhere around 20psi, Specs of car: Engine: Stock unopened s15 VCT sr20det Other Goodies: garrett 2876r .64 A/R and 4inch front housing stock injectors 370cc Malpassi fuel reg Hybrid front Mount Intercooler 3inch zaust from turbo back 4inch pod filter on custom alloy air pipe Microtech LT8 piggyback ecu Relocated Bosch coilpacks Bosch 984 fuel pump Stock Nissan Intank pump Alloy surge tank Oil catch can Custom alloy airbox Turbosmart Eboost Turbosmart v port Bov Didn't have a licence for the first 3 months of owning this car so it pretty much just sat around and every now and then me and mates would take it out for a drive, on this one particular night, maybe 4 weeks after having it home, me and a mate went out for a cruise, and i said lets go out of town so i can have a drive, i hadnt driven it yet not even once. So anyways, i get into the drivers seat, get the seating position right, adjust the steering wheel, push the clutch in and put it into first gear, slowly let the clutch out and take off then decide i wanna rip skids so i clutch kick it, then snap 2nd, them BAM! blew 2nd gear lol. So thats when i joined this very website and started looking for answers and options on what i can do to make it not happen again... Then i found the Z32 gearbox thread nigel created, and after about a week a user from here got onto me, he'd just stripped out his whole z32 conversion out of his s14 so i snapped that up, put it in and it was a bit of a f**k to be honest at first, it was very noisy, rattly, the gearbox was tappin the floor, the shifter hole needed to be cut out for it to fit properly, had no speedo, the gearstick rattled its ass out, oh man it was a f**king mess. So i started researching, found a little company called Alpha Omega down in sydney who'd basically JUST started doing the conversions, well, they weren't officially released yet but after a few emails i managed to get a short shift kit and a new shifter relocater from them, i already had a tail shaft and bellhousing adapter plate so i didnt end up getting the whole kit as much as i should of coz they are the ducks nutz. Anyways, me and a mate dropped the box, put the new shifter and relocator on and WOW! what an incredible difference. So quiet, such nice short shifts too and no slop. Awesome. I also got one of their speedo correctors, so i had that wired in and away i went. All good. pics: how the knob sat after box was first installed How it sat AFTER the alpha omega shit went in So a little amount of time went by and after starting to get comfy in the car and starting to throw it around a little bit i notice the diff was a little bit dangerous, sometimes you'd be hangin it out and all of a sudden it shoots off towards a gutter! The diff was pretty 2nd hand, so i hunted around for a diff for a week or so and found one on nengun for cheap, Nismo GT PRO 1.5 way lsd. So i bought that and bought new bearings and seals and redline diff oil and we pulled it apart and put it in. Had a bit of a head f**k on our hands when we first pulled the diff out as the half shafts were different lengths and wouldnt go in the diff, so we took one of them down to my mates work and spun off about 30mm on the lathe... I don't recommend this, as it wasnt a real tight fit and going around corners slowly it felt like the whole wheel was moving side to side lol but it worked untill i could organise a new shaft that would fit. Just needed another stock nissan s14 short shaft. pics