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  1. Steelmate Alarm System

    The one in Jaycar looked really cheap. More like 'entry-level' cheap. LOL. Also, the one I mentioned has an immobilizer. I don't know how well that works though. Some people claimed that Steelmate is one of the largest car security manufacturer in China. And also they have several good models on their website. I just wanna know people's experience with them whether they are reliable.
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently looking at SteelMate Martian S6086 alarm system with immobilizer. Anyone tried SteelMate before? Give me your 2 cents Cheers P.S. Some of the 2-way alarm systems do not mention that they have an immobilizer. Is it cuz they already have it by default and it is redundant to include it in the list of features? Thanks
  3. Hello from me and my Kouki :)

    Pretty stock. The only thing changed from the previous owner is the cone air filter from the stock ones. That's about it....lol. Thanks
  4. Heya forum, Just got my car few weeks ago and still learning more and more about cars. I am looking towards hardcore modifications but still short on cash to do so. Thus I'll be learning about my car first before spending any $$$ Hope to learn much more from this forum Cheers