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  1. HARDSTYLE thread

    defqon this year anyone? even though none of the HS kids still use this forum
  2. This would NEVER happen in Australia

    2 weeks ago i redline clutch dropped literally metres infront of a cop. got a similar lecture and let me go with not even a defect. i shit you not.
  3. 18x 9.5 +20 rota grids on 180sx?

    dont go bigger than 9's on the front, you will rub with 9.5's and that's just gay.
  4. Car Mods For P Platers

    i really do feel sorry for you eastern fellas. is it even possible to enjoy a car over there?
  5. id say its worth it, if you get one that sounds good. iv got an apexi which sounds similar to flutter. reason i say it's worth it, is cause you dont lose boost between gear changes haha. you dont lose much with flutter, but it's noticeable
  6. Anyone in perth area?

    well right now cops are going f**king mental with yellows, but normally arent too bad. atleast defects dont come with fines over here and theres no rwc bullshit to deal with. silviawa antilag (older guys, put on the best events) wajcc (facebook group, good lols on there but some have to deal with the fb retards)
  7. Edward lee's?

    why not buy from wa? there are plenty here. just post up on jap car parts that youre after a clean stock one and im sure someone will point you in the right direction
  8. How to replace s14 sway bars?

    with enough jiggling and force you should be able to squeeze it out. depending on what exhaust obviously.
  9. 10 years

    been lurking here for 5 years (didnt join till 4), used to be so much content and lols
  10. Stalactites fight in Melbourne

    bahaha what the f**k....that escalated quickly
  11. troll thread

    well can it be undeleted? there was no reason for it to be deleted other than the whole "derp it scares advertisers so we lose money" well now the sites running at a loss anyway....so that worked out well
  12. troll thread

    to any mods that remember the thread where i had the guy thinking i was some chick who loved him, can that be undeleted? in the end told him i was a man and still had balls, he still loved me and wanted to meet up haha totally wanna read through it for lolz
  13. The Anime Thread

    on top of that list code geass deathnote psycho pass theyre all psychological shows, and are entertaining as f**k watching characters try to figure what their enemies next move will be
  14. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    ^ we all know hoon laws are a load of shit with disproportionate penalties. penalty should reflect the chances of an injury occuring, and the seriousness of said possible injury. yaaaaaay for australia
  15. Slipnslid

    do you know anything about him? name? pic of his car? im in wa