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  1. WTB - S14 S1 Body Kit

    After a body kit for series 1 s14. Preferably Vertex PM me if you have something laying around
  2. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Poser Bump. Started up the car and let it idle. The knock definitely went away but I am too paranoid about it. Had nothing to do today was going to give it a wash but ended up taking photos. Put the Vertex bar back one. Which is the worst fitting bar I have seen in the world. Got to change the brake pads tomorrow and tighten the handbrake then its good to go for next week. If the car is well after next week I will have a little break so I can start saving up some money. I am planning to bring this car up for Queensland Matsuri. If i do manage to get in on the event. Ill start planning out my trip
  3. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Thanks mang. So damn keen on driving more Grip racing again Hard parked again.
  4. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Kinda entered Primal Day. So looking forward to that. Hooray for more seat time
  5. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Yeh I plan on entering Primal Day on Wednesday if there are still any spots left. I pitted the car for around 5 minutes then Gerald came over to have a look over.
  6. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Man that sucks to know the knock will come back. I got back to the pit as soon as I heard something weird with it. Topped it up with oil and did 2 sessions and it was fine. Started it at home and it sounded all normal again. Unsure about Primal Day now
  7. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    I did at home and it was fine. Did like 3 full sessions without checking and it was getting low. Like just under half way towards being low. Will check every session from now on
  8. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    haha thanks dude. its a bit rough in real life. pictures hides all the flaws. this trailer is amazingly light which is why i always use it because i dont want to stress the tow car too much. airbag is a bonus haha
  9. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Quite a drainer of a night. Usual 4 hours drive home turned to 9 hours. Can not thank you enough Pete. - Went skid racing on Saturday. Manage to last the whole day with no problems which was a relief Made it to Benalla around 12. Saw some guy in a hoodie trying to hitch a ride in the middle of nowhere part of the Hume, was creepy as. Got up nice and early to be early birds at the gates, but there was already at least 10 cars in front of us at 7am. Started the grueling ordeal of unloading the car. Had some trouble but thanks to Colin for the help, we got it off. Passed scruiteneering They resurface Winton so it was like ice out there. My handbrake wasnt working too well and I kept on relying on it and failed every session till lunch. Started hearing a knock in the motor which sucked. Gerald came over and told me to check my oil and sure enough, it was low. Topped it up and the knock went away. Such a life saver when hes not breaking his car. Waiting. Ditch the handbrake attempts and just clutch kicked into every corner and everything started working out. Finally getting used to this car and had a blast throughout the last 3 session. Time to load up and go home. Had a misfortune on the way home so I had to get the car off the trailer so a mate can use it and hide the S13 between trucks at a servo. Had Tom the truck driver wanting some photos Airbag ran out of power on the trailer. Just our luck a couple of guys who had a truck with portable air supply came to the rescue. Would never be home if it was not for them. Thanks Alex. Made it home and left the car outside on the trailer. Bed was so damn good. Unload the car in the afternoon and the knock from the motor was definitely gone. What a relief Bring on Primal Day.
  10. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    Not much has been happening. Stop going on NS due to the Malware crap. Entered July 13th Drift Dat at Winton which is next week so started to work on the car again. Replaced and relocated the brake line and gave it a bleed. Finally got the bonnet pins on, sold my old ones and got these as I dont like the fact anyone could open my bonnet with the old ones. Plan to paint the big chrome bit body colour when I ever get the bonnet painted. Tried on a mates type x pod. Needs the center bit to look ok. Kinda going overboard with aero right now i reckon. Out soaking in the sun Just waiting for Tin to finish tapping a barb fitting into my hot pipe for the boost tee then it should be ready for next week.
  11. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Sorry Kriss
  12. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Everyone getting new wheels this week or something ?
  13. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Imagine if alan, jam jam, muski, you and I did a track day together. Rezax everywhere
  14. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    I will be driving the s13 next month at winton. Tried to last minute entry Calder but couldnt If you reshell you MUST have a sunroof or bust
  15. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Cant wait to see you this weekend. I think Im doing track entries again. See you thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee