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  1. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    As promised:
  2. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    RE-AMEMIYA shopping time. Yay! C'mon - Headlights at least. Also you have to make your exhaust dolphin tail (ie turn downward). I'll post a pic later.
  3. Know its not likely but if you are willing to part the dash i am after the trim around the instrument cluster.
  4. Vk56vd engine

    Spenda has a Vk56 forr sale. Not sure what model.
  5. Haven't heard of one that hasn't cracked. Here's R4's post on his: http://www.nissansil...dpost&p=6728303
  6. Hope you are getting at least a little enjoyment from your completed project.
  7. Mazworx reckon they've updated the design but after seeing how many cracked i sold mine off. (Bought before the update so it was pretty much garanteed to crack - I told the buyer but he was happy).
  8. Trolley jack research

    There was a very similar post recently that got shut because ALL the info was at the guys blog and none of it here.
  9. S13 centre console: $20. Mazworx SR20 fuel rail $50. Billion Radiator Hoses: $20. GKTech front castor arms. S14. $100. Located Brisbane. PM me. Cheers Scott
  10. S15 center console

    Failing that just order one from Taarks.com.
  11. That's pretty bad. Worse than the other cases I have heard of. Every Mazworx manifold in Aussie that I know of have cracked...except for mine and that is only because I sold it without having run it. I sold it with a warning that they are known to crack. It's been discussed in another vvl thread. I'd be interested to hear how the improved version is working for you.
  12. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Noice. Similar looking shed to Nigel but with a yard and pool.
  13. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Should put it on the block next door
  14. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Nice house. Seen the exterior before in some of your earlier photos but never inside or the view. Staying in Toowoomba?