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  1. Hey all, even since i got my car, my handbrake has been very week, (it will roll down my drive way if its up). ive seen most peoples s13 interior shots with their hand break higher then mine (pulled up) mine only goes this high up the height of my photo is as high it can go without killing myself is there a way to make it go higher? will this result in the handbrake working properly? Thanks
  2. Mine use to do the same thing until I realised it was the knock sensor that was fucked. Test it by bypassing the sensor with a resistor to see if it helps... Or calibrate your TPS as mentioned previously.
  3. Ecu tuning - Nistune

    As long as the ECU has power, I dont see why not.
  4. Thermostat not opening

    Anyone mind explaining where the bleeder nipple is located?
  5. My Sileighty aka Noah

  6. Hey Guys, Interested in the TD0516G. Not much talk on the 16G, but would this be a better turbo choice on a nistune (z32afm, nismo740s) with the stock cams?
  7. S14 stuck on 160kw

    I've made that on a stock s13 running 10psi, so something isnt right. Has your tuner said anything? AFR seem fine? Boost leaks?
  8. Should be a T10 globe mate. Same as your parker lights
  9. SR20DET boosting problem

    Yep knock sensor only works from around 4-5krpm and below. Just undo the clip near the injector rail and measure the resistance. If its Open circuted that should be it
  10. SR20DET boosting problem

    Sounds Exactly like what was happening to mine. End up being the Knock sensor, which I just bypassed with a resistor, PM me if you need help with that
  11. Under seat subwoofer

    US audio are great for the price too^
  12. Red top AFM?

    Probably the wrong person for this, but ill try to help anyway. I'm pretty sure you would require a tune if your going from a non standard AFM. So you May as well go for a better AFM such as z32 or R35?
  13. Hey Fellas, Wanting a 3" custom intake made up on my stock mani t28 on my s13. Should I have a nipple made so I can connect my catch can into the intake or how it is is with the breather is fine? (See Pic Below). Also, How much roughly would a shop charged to do so?
  14. Intake Question.

    Thanks guys! Makes more sense. Yeah the silicone intake was just to get it running.
  15. Intake Question.

    Personally I never knew there was a standard Catch can. Are you referring to the black box that sits above the turbo?
  16. The amount of articles and claims against him I'm surprise anyone still buys from him. I think he changed his name now from Edward Lee to Edward Lee imports because of some legal shit. But I think this is the add for the car in the video http://www.edwardlees.com.au/Vehicle/nissan-180sx-coupe-1998-9144
  17. What I've done with mine and havent had an issue the 2 years its been on
  18. GTX3067

    Would it fit the stock low mount manifold?
  19. Glad I clicked on this thread haahah
  20. S14 Daily/Drifting/Tarmac Car

    Interesting write up! your s14 is immac!
  21. S14a , 1JZ vvti **280 rwkw**

    Need updates on that vc
  22. GTR prices

    I hear their on par with r34s in japan since the legalisation in the US. Even here r32 gtst go around 9-10k for mint ones,,
  23. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Quality oils recommend the nulon additive?