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  1. I study graphic design. This is what I have long wanted to learn and what I plan to use in order to get extra money while I can’t work because of the lockdown. I want to create some examples of my work and my niece will have a birthday soon, so I want to make the first packing box with my design, but I have no idea what sizes I should use for the box. Any ideas?
  2. O.C.D

    I know that there are herbal sedatives that have a very mild effect and help you relax, I found a description of such sedatives on the Canadian pharmacy portal, there is a description of not only CBD products that you can use to reduce anxiety. I found there a description of herbal sedatives, which have a lot of good reviews on the Internet that they really work, also such sedatives have almost no side effects, and if you take them more than once, it will not harm your health. But I want to warn you that you should find out more from your doctor about this if you are already taking any pills.
  3. If you want to attract more target audience to your site, it's best to use effective advertising for this. In order for your customers to quickly find the goods they need or so that you can create a better offer for your new customers, I can advise you on additional software, for example, extensions such as on this site https://www.mageworx.com/ . This can help you increase confidence in your online store and convince the visitor to make his first purchase.
  4. Bitcoin Thread

    I know that cryptocurrency investments can make a profit. I set up payment in cryptocurrency in my online store. I accept payment by bitcoins and when bitcoin began to fall in price, I decided to sell it before it's too late. I found HiRiBi on the Internet, I read a lot of reviews about this online exchanger and I decided that since there are the highest rates, I can try to exchange my bitcoins. It turned out pretty profitably, I got more money than if I tried to sell them through another exchange, but then bitcoin began to rise in price again and I realized that before you invest in cryptocurrency or sell it, you need to know more about trends in the cryptocurrency market. It's quite difficult for a beginner.
  5. I know that any dentist services with a good reputation are quite expensive. Therefore, it will be cheaper to properly care for your teeth. I want an ultrasonic brushing once a year and regularly visit the dentist for a scheduled examination. I try not to delay if I notice that I have any discomfort in my mouth. I also use a special toothpaste that contains a lot of fluoride. It will also not be superfluous if you periodically take vitamins that contain calcium (I found very good ones on the Canada Drugs portal). I believe that it's very important to have healthy teeth. This affects our appearance and our health.
  6. cheap places to travel on a budget

    This spring I plan to visit Germany, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. We will also have the opportunity to visit Ukraine for several days. I have long wanted to see Kiev, in addition, last year we found new friends from Ukraine, I think they will be happy to meet me and my GF. I read a lot about Ukraine, so I try to find excursions in advance that would be of interest to me. I watched a series about Chernobyl and I want to visit the ghost town of Pripyat, I found tours to Chernobyl from Kiev here https://chernobyl-from-kyiv.com/, but I would like to compare prices. Maybe you know some other options?
  7. Are there any fans of the League of Legends game? I used to play this game very often, but I had a break for more than 3 years. Now I want to start playing LoL again, but I don’t know which smurf is best to choose. Does anyone have any idea how the game has changed and which smurf is more needed in the clan?