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  1. Rep system is back!

    2UP f**ked me over with overnight parts from Japan.
  2. Max's Muscle Up Challenge

    Very impressive result. Goes to show hey. Voted
  3. Max's Muscle Up Challenge

    haha nice work. Glad to hear you saw it to the end. When the voting comes up I'll throw one your way
  4. Shrine of KEMP

    HAHAHHAHAH holy shit.. it's gotta be the one. Not surprising as to why the condition exists though. It's like sex and drugs. Eating food (in this case it's cake) releases endorphins. Sex naturally releases endorphins, dopamine, and a whole variety of 'feel good' chemicals. Both together, would be a like a really strong drug for her.. and it's obviously adicktive.
  5. I had this baby as a kid tyco rebound could flip it and it'd be a red 'race car' styled car underneath.. or on top.. whichever
  6. 100% on point. But even general enthusiasts who ride Harley's that have nothing to do with 'bikies' get the same harassment as if they were one. It is NO different to cars. Drive an import, expect to have a 14" black maglite inserted every few months or less. Government and police are actually forming laws that affect the general motoring enthusiast, and that's what this party is all about. My uncle is a Hells Angel. So to ANY law toting authoritative figure, I am guilty by association because I not only know a bikie, but my family is associated with bikies .. therefore my family is involved in criminal activity, therefore I should not be associating with my family? You get the point I'm making. It's just well and truely beyond common sense. And because the majority of people only see "GOOD, THEY ARE FINALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE," every few months, that's all the government/police care about when it comes to making statements. Whatever the latest issue is "we're fixing things guys!" *makes new law*
  7. Max's Muscle Up Challenge

    nahh. I've been riddled with injuries all year. Dropped about 10kg and effectively only lifted about 2months this year. Hopefully next year I can get back into it. How's the challenge been so far? Making much progress? 100% dedication and I'd assume you'd see quite noticeable differences
  8. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    When is the date of the election anyway? I'll be voting for some minority party that deserves it. f**k both Rudd and Abbott.
  9. Truer words have never been spoken.
  10. How do you figure? I've personally known more chubby girls gone skinny and STAYED that way, and more skinny barbies that have gone chubby.
  11. I must admit, this worked for me. And get a young one.. preferably who hasn't had many relationships at all, if any. That way you can mould them (if they're really into you). But its a f**k-ton of work, because being young they may have a variety of childhood issues that you can either see, or are laying dormant. Kick their arse into the gym, and then essentially you will have a bangin hot young bird who will do anything for you
  12. Paint earplugs colour of choice. Stuff them in. Ghetto stylin.
  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6718706/Japanese-man-marries-computer-game-character.html Follow this guys lead and you'll never have to worry about a thing.