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  1. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    Is this JamJams old rig? It's so lovely!
  2. WTB: S14 Manual Interior Trim / Gearstick boot

    Check out Taarks man. Genuine stuff all brand new!
  3. RB25 S14 Daily

    So in the past 6 months, I've been defected. No cat (which I actually do), Rear muffler (I have one in the centre but according to this knob, I need one at the rear. Spoke to a few people, they said it's BS) Wheels- Strethed tires, poked out the guards are too wide, No charcoal canister, No heater hoses, only had one top rad mount. Got that fixed. Where holes were cut for IC piping, needs to be "reinforced", too low and my steering wheel. I was followed for around 4km with the cops directly behind me. When they finally decided to pull me up, it just so happened to be opposite Main Roads. Officer said he doesn't like the look of my back wheels and go me to do a U-turn at the lights and pull in to Main Roads to get an officer to look over the car. 1 point $113 not bad. It was a major defect and I was given an hour to get it off the road and 4 weeks to get all defects cleared. I de registered it, left it in the garage for ages. I got my new 6boost manifold and 45mm hypergate and put my rb26 covers on. Finally got around to getting the wastegate plumbed back in, and a new tune. On my old tune I was making 376hp on 18psi 98 fuel. This tune, same boost made 366hp. I know a dyno is only a tuning tool but I took it for a little fang today and it feels a whole lot laggier, and slow. I had 18x10's with 225 tires on with silly camber and it would skid 2nd gear when on boost, now, it does nothing.It's boring AF! A few people have told me a change in throttle body size might help. I got a 100mm on at the moment. Thinking of a Q45 or even standard. Can anyone help me with why it seems to be losing power? It does need a good service. and I'll be doing a comp test this weekend.
  4. S15 parts URGENT SALE

    What drift works arms are they?
  5. RB25 S14 Daily

    Took the old girl don the 1/4 mile last Wednesday night. Only did 2 runs. 14.1 @107mph was my best. Traction and launches were my issues. So now the quest for more traction begins. Also chasing a bit more power. I have a 6boost manifold and 45mm turbosmart wastegate on the way. I'll be deleting my BOV, getting a new intake pipe, airbox, exhaust and another tune. Can't wait!
  6. 180sx: rwc and the popo

    I've got an RB25 powered series 2 s14. She's real pretty. New paint and sexy wheels. Car isn't very loud but is quite low. I've had the same exhaust and same height since I got it out of the shop and it was 19 months before I got pulled up and got done for too low and stretched tyres. Not 100% sure if having stretched tyres is illegal in QLD but according to the cop who pulled me up, they are haha.
  7. RB25 S14 Daily

    Looks like I'm cutting a hole haha. I was almost keen on camming it and getting rid of vct but it is a daily and I never really hit the high RPM, I should retain VCT. I'll just make sure I paint the VCt thing a nice color/
  8. RB25 S14 Daily

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. I'm wanting to put my 26 covers on but I have VCT. I don't really want to cut a hole in the cover and I don't really want to spend money to get rid of it. I was thinking of doing Poncams and getting rid of VCT. I need help on what to do!
  9. Ticker the 180sx

    She runs! YAY!
  10. Ticker the 180sx

    Don't worry guys! I sorted the power steering out. I went full retard. Motor is in. Got it sitting in last Thursday night. Motor, box, tailshaft all bolted in. Power steering is done. Radiator is in. Engine oil in, coolant in, box oil in. Majority of the wiring is done. Need to do the cooler piping. Pretty much have the cold side sorted out. Need an elbow to suit the 25 turbo then I can figure out the hot side cooler piping. Need to do a battery relocation. Fingers crossed I can start it on the weekend if everything goes to plan. Yay
  11. Ticker the 180sx

    The standard CA power steering line bolt thingy won't go into the rb20 pump. Is there an adapter I can get to make it work? Do I try and get an rb20 PS line or even a 25 one because I've heard they work with the 20 pump. I really don't want to get one made
  12. RB25 S14 Daily

    I've purchased some goodies in the last few weeks. Still waiting on the timing cover in the mail. Will be here this week. Need to trial fit the covers and make them work with the rb25 backing plate and then to get everything painted and fitted for good. yay.
  13. Ticker the 180sx

    Got the motor and box sitting in the bay today but the Bling master was right. Shifter hole didn't line up, neither did the gearbox crossmember. So I took the box off the motor while it was sitting in the car. Wasn't that much fun! Now in need of an RB20 gearbox.
  14. Ticker the 180sx

    I had the motor and box all ready to drop in during the week so I got bored and started to life the motor. Then I noticed some oil dripping between the motor and the box I knew exactly where it was coming from too. Being the dumbass that I am, I didn't put any sealant on the rear main seal housing. Box, clutch and flywheel back off. I sealed it up and got it all back together.
  15. Rb26 rocker covers onto 25 head

    $350? Holy shit! haha. Yeah, I thought I did well. Now I need to get them painted.