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  1. christmas street

    do you know how much petrol I've wasted driving around looking for Christmas lights for my kids ? it's be nice to have a listing of worthwhile places... but now it's a matter of whether I really want to drive to Ivanhoe compared to how much I love my kids... that's cool though... I have a full tank of petrol as we speak !
  2. To all the parents on here.......

    That's brutal!! i dunno how it is for others, but that's my experience ! Some men also find it hard to bond with their baby because in the first couple of months of life, all baby does is eat, sleep, poo and cry... it's once baby starts interacting that makes you go weak at the knees !
  3. To all the parents on here.......

    i assume that you'd done the stuff you want to do as a couple (ie travel, buy a house, etc) and you're now considering the next step - starting a family. Kids are a total lifestyle change. 0 As a couple, you can drop whatever and go out whenever or where ever you want till whatever time you want... Go through your list and think whether your life will be that much better with having achieved it. As parents, you are restricted by nap times, feeding times and finding a good babysitter. Prepare to live on one income - unless you have a family member who is happy to look after the child or you're willing to take the risk with childcare centres. As a partner, you will need to be supportive of your wife during pregnancy (hello mood swings and cravings !), labour and helping out with the baby. Babies generally are pretty ugly when born. Give them a month and they plump out to the cutest little critter you'll have ever seen. By the time baby is old enough to smile and reach out to you, you'll know that they have you wrapped around their little finger. Having had 2 kids, I'd say yes to a third in a heartbeat ! Now if I could only get my partner to agree...
  4. turbo....have i been frauded

    You should be able to call up Australia Post (13 13 18) and get them to track the parcel through the tracking number provided.
  5. Keep your silvia until situation requires you to have a different car ie baby being born. Even after kids, you can still get a performance car like the Chaser, Aristo, Stagea, etc... if you love cars, you'll find the solution that works for you ! My partner and I can have our kids in our cars AND enjoy boosting it a little !
  6. Question: 4 dr R33 rare?

    R33 sedans just don't do it for me... I think the R32 and R34 sedans look a lot better...
  7. Bride Euro II

    That's a very cheap price, when you consider the price of the seat and rail in Japan + cost of shipping a bulky item + profit margin to make it worthwhile for a trader to bring them in... just make sure they're genuine and not fakes... remember, if it's too good to be true, it most likely is.
  8. what a load of....

    yeah... they mention that an "agent" will come to pick up the car... so reply asking to arrange a meeting with their "agent" to sort it out...
  9. hehehe cute pics !!! You can really see the family resemblance between the cousins ! My kids would love to suffocate her with kisses and hugs ! i hope you're helping out with nappy changes... and showering with bubs as well... good father/daughter bonding time...
  10. The Girls Thread.

    hehehe... I wish !!! I have the older model... It's not a Nissan (Stageas are just too big for me)... and has more than 2 doors but I it !
  11. The Girls Thread.

    Only had my car (Caldina) for a couple of weeks ... hubby is taking care of the mods for me... ... he's improving my handling as a Christmas present this year ! I was hoping for a turbo and brake upgrade... maybe throw in a FMIC... But parts for my car are $$$ ! GT-007, you're probably talking about teething rings and the like... playmat with toys that dangle overhead... ohhhh... get one of those light projector toys... keeps the baby entertained but can be very annoying (repetitive tune) for parents !
  12. The Girls Thread.

    At that age, babies are only interested in sleeping, feeding and filling their nappies ! Get her some cute clothes or toys... and save up the money for when she's older ! So... what is the point of this thread ? Girl talk ? Girl talk about cars ?
  13. help please ,..

    Get a pregnancy test to ease your mind... and even better than a pregnancy test and a lot more accurate (especially in the early stages of pregnancy and her hCG levels are low) - get a blood test done.
  14. Would you lend friends money?

    My friends have never borrowed money from me. I have never borrowed from them either. No mess, no fuss... If I can afford it, I'll foot the bill when we go out to dinner... or else we just split the bill...
  15. I thought I was over the whole performance thing... until I got my Caldina... My very thoughtful hubby has upgraded my exhaust and rims ... next mod will be bigger brakes and a cooler...
  16. Nice Stageas

    sex on wheels... especially with the dual sunroof !
  17. Seat material?

    Why don't you retrim with Bride material ?
  18. First impressions of red bull

    Black Stallion tasted a lot better than Red Bull... but I don't think it's around any more. Just don't have too many or else it can kill you.
  19. Coming to Melb...

    If you're into shopping, check out Direct Factory Outlets (aka DFO) at Spencer St (in the city), Essendon and Moorabbin. There's also Bridge Rd (Richmond) and Chapel St (South Yarra) as well...
  20. Ladies thread.

    Will give it a go... I want more kids too... but my partner says we can't financially support any more...
  21. Have you actually driven one before ? They're a beast and yes, with a few mods, are great for those with kids. What's wrong with it being a family car ? I don't want to be driving a Camry or an Accord... the Aristo gives me the luxuries that I need in a family car AND the power of a sports car. Sure, it's the size of a small whale, but damn... you speed before you're even aware of it !
  22. Ladies thread.

    Thought I should post in this thread ! After having 2 kids, my belly is my main target area. I have been going to the gym in an attempt to work it off. This is the routine he set out for me (going from memory): Day 1: - Xtrainer for 20 mins - Jogging on treadmill for 20 mins - Lat pull downs 12x3 sets @30kg - Seated row 12x3 sets @ 3 - Incline dumbbell bench press 12x3 sets @6kg - Curls with fitness ball 25x4 sets - Crunches with legs on exercise ball 25x8 sets - Back extensions 12x3 sets Day 2: - Xtrainer for 20 mins - Jogging on treadmill for 15 mins - Rowing machine for 5 mins - Lunges with 4kg weights 12x3 sets - Lying leg curls 12x3 sets @ 3 - Dips 12x3 sets - can't remember what this exercise is called, but basically in squat position and using 3kg weights. 12x3 sets of arm curls - Oblique crunches on exercise ball 25x4 sets - Side to side 25x4 sets - Crunches with legs on exercise ball 25x8 sets - Bridge 2 I have been going to the gym for about 8 months, most weeks I go 5 days a week but lately no car means no gym. I have seen some results, however, I think my main issue is diet. I love food. Being asian, rice is involved in almost every meal. In grain form, rice noodles, rice paper... making it very hard to avoid ! I am also breastfeeding my youngest as well, but will be weaning her soon. Is the workout I've been given effective ? I read with interest about squats and deadlifts, however, I am too intimidated to enter that part of the gym.
  23. i filled the vent cause i didnt like looking at it. The diode and air tube i will relocate to near the handbrake, it will still work as usual. it has had a few layers of primer now, ill get some pics up shortly. He gave a reply on page 2... Looks hot... I just need a Silvia to do the mod now !
  24. Two thumbs up from me ! Good work... it looked a bit dodgy initially with your first pic. But the final product is pretty neat ! I wonder if you're going to inspire anyone in here to give it a go ?
  25. Your Car And Your Girl

    Well, if I was driving a brand new spanking car, it would certainly stop me from whinging ! I can't really complain too much about my boy though... he's soooo considerate... my car's being complied at the moment and he's already talking about getting me rims and Bride seats !