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  1. Rambo

    Movie gets straight to the point... that sniper gun is awesome !
  2. The Mist: How could they?

    The Mist is a great read... but I don't think the movie is better than my imagination... 1308 (the movie) wasn't that scary either...
  3. I can't wait for Hollywood's version of "My Sassy Girl" !
  4. Interesting article... was surprised at Bendigo being the "hoon capital" though !
  5. I wonder if she has ever been anyone's psycho ex from hell ???
  6. FACEBOOK! - Who's addicted?

    Well... if that's the case, i don't know why you're on the internet then ? It's just another website that you can post stuff on and have fun... without needing to be online at the same time (ie like phones and MSN). I'm playing Scrabulous with friends who are overseas and in different timezones to me. I'm not saying that FB is the ONLY means of communicating, it's just a fun way to do it.
  7. FACEBOOK! - Who's addicted?

    Facebook is more about connecting and interacting with your friends. There are about a million applications (sooo very annoying when people keep sending you invites for apps you aren't interested in) such as Poker, Blackjack, car racing, Scrabulous, Scramble, Hot or Not, etc. I enjoy throwing a sheep or two at my friends...
  8. FACEBOOK! - Who's addicted?

    I only log on to FB to check out on what friends are doing and to play my Scrabulous matches. Occassionally I'll play poker. I don't add anyone that I don't know... I give out too much personal details to share them with strangers !
  9. JZX100 or S15

    You know what you should do ? You should go to a dealer near you and test drive a Chaser. If you like it, then look interstate if you have to for a good car. If you can't fly down to check out the car, get an RACV (or respective body) to check out the car. Homerrules has a Chaser for sale at http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=273688
  10. FACEBOOK! - Who's addicted?

    Scrabulous is addictive...

    Dogs, cats, rats, cockroaches, scorpions... the list goes on and on...
  12. The Girls Thread.

    Just out of curiosity... how many girls here are in melbourne ? would love to do a meet up... gotta start stop being so shy ! that's my resolution for this year !

    I tend to be the wallflower watching everyone at the party... time to break the habit... here goes !
  14. Help me fools

    I wonder if there is any way to scam them before they scam you ?
  15. Help me fools

    It sounds like a money laundering scheme... http://www.scamwatch.gov.au/content/index....rkFromHomeScams
  16. s15 weather strips

    Thankfully mine were on the car already when I imported it !
  17. The Girls Thread.

    Just before we head back to the topic, I'd also like to know what pod filter you had. I've got a Sard filter and quite a few people I know have the Apexi filter... PS white goods = $$$ -> my partner is thankful that whitegoods last for a long time after the initial expense !
  18. why men cant be car models

    hehehe... what a crack up !
  19. Mobile phone help

    maybe text "stop" back to them and see if that works.
  20. s15 weather strips

    They look kind of lame, but I really like my weather strips. Especially when it's raining and the windows start fogging up... lets air in and keeps the rain out !

    On the matter of people dying from eating sticky rice, a single mum in Hong Kong dumped the body of her 3 year old son after he choked and died after eating sticky rice... I hope they stop her from having more kids !
  22. Alien VS Predator: Requiem

    Better than the first one ??? Looks good... the count down is kinda funny !
  23. Custom's + importing car parts

    it doesn't matter if you mark it "gift". If the value is over a $1000, you will be charged duty and gst.
  24. Custom's + importing car parts

    Customs will notify you via mail that they're holding your parts and include the forms you need to fill out to clear the parts. If it looks too difficult to do yourself, you can pay a customs broker $150 to do it for you - not sure if that's the going rate though...