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  1. I need rims...

    If you're on a budget, better to save your money and use the stockies until you have enough to buy rims that you like AND fit your car properly. No point spending $1200 now on cheap rims if you can have $2000 to spend on better quality build and appearance rims a couple of months down the track. Not to mention the cheap rims may not hold a good resale value later. And don't forget to budget in good quality lock nuts either. Might be a bit more, but better than waking up one morning and finding your car on bricks.
  2. Yes... apparently the midwives won't offer epidural. You have to ask for it. Don't wait too long either as it can take a while to set up. Another cool side effect is that since you can't feel anything down there, you can't get up to pee... so they hook up a bag and you can watch your pee fill it. Streetforced, could your wife still feel the contractions ? I would have thought they'd hook her up to a foetus monitoring unit so they could record the contractions and the baby's heartbeat. My kids are fairly well behaved. I don't mind other family members and close friends telling my kids off as long as it's justified. I'm the bad cop. Anytime I tell them off or don't let them have their way, they run to daddy. I thought it cost like $500,000 to raise a child to the age of 18. But i guess it depends on which school you send them to and how you manage your money.
  3. I have 2 kids. They're pretty funny at the moment. They're used to being in an import so we get encouraged to "be first" and "go faster ! go ! go !".
  4. Sweetie Girl Racing Show & Shine pics

    well, how are we supposed to wash and wax your car in a bikini if we're stuck in the kitchen ?
  5. Hello and a Q.

    Just wondering what other cars you considered before having to decide between the Evo and S15 ? There are quite a few other imports like the Chaser, Stagea, Legnum, Caldina, Aristo, Soarer or even the R34 that might fit your needs as well.
  6. check out mah cake!

    That is one cool cake !!! I wish I had skills like that !
  7. BP/Citibank credit card

    For some reason, my car doesn't like BP Ultimate... so I'm stuck with Coles/Shell for now !
  8. Pink Supras...

    Unfortunately my friends aren't into cars. And the ones who can afford to buy a car will probably only consider BMW, Volvo or Mercedes.
  9. ......

    If you want to import an S15, you need to get something within a specified build date (ie 12/1998 - 08/2000). Same for the GTRs and Ferraris. As long as you buy a model within a specified build date that is permitted, it's fine. Ship it here without an import approval and you can choose to foot the bill for shipping it back or having it reduced to scrap metal. You'd have to live overseas and provide papers showing ownership over the 12 months for personal import. And, as other members have mentioned, if it's from the US, you're going to have to pay to have it converted to RHD. I guess if it really means that much to you, then plan and budget it carefully.
  10. ......

    Unfortunately this isn't one of the approved vehicles that you could bring in through RAWS. Only way is personal import. Reason that you can't import a car that is already available here is protection for the local dealers and market. I'm guessing RAWS was born after much lobbying and negotiating by the local car industry with the government to protect their business.
  11. I feel the need for speed... only up to the speed limit though...
  12. 180sx Fog Lights/Parkers

    Hey, just browing through the Vicroads website and came across Vehicle Standards Information #20, question 57: When can I use the fog lamps on my car? There is no restriction on the use of front fog lamps. However the lamps must be correctly aimed as fog lamps so as not to dazzle other road users. Rear fog lamps may only be lit in abnormal weather conditions. But it's probably outdated information that Vicroads needs to pull off their website - info sheet was created in 2000.
  13. Sunroof windshield/spoiler

    Something similar to the ones that can be found on Soarers ?
  14. The Ultimate Good House Wife Guide

    Point #3 is funny ! ohhhh yeah... time to get down and dirty in the name of duty !
  15. Louis Vuitton anyone?

    omg... while I would love to own a Murakami LV... I would rather spend the money on my car ! I guess this is one way to combine both !
  16. At what size do images get resized?

    Info can be found at http://www.nissansilvia.com/rules/ Hope that's the info you're after...
  17. One Missed Call...

    Japanese horror movie on SBS right now... damn... in the tradition of Ringu... jap chicks with long hair = scare the living daylights out of you !
  18. One Missed Call...

    apparently they even made it into a series... jap ghosts seem to be all the same don't they ?
  19. My Sassy Girl

    winter sonata and autumn in my heart have such weird plots... there's also summer scent and spring waltz... romance in paris is nice... rooftop cat... kdrama can be pretty funny... but a fair bit involves convoluted soppiness !
  20. My Sassy Girl

    I wonder if they'll include the spaceship ?
  21. My Sassy Girl

    hehehe... my partner loves My Sassy Girl... I like Windstruck more... no... this is not a porno ! I think this movie is not going to be as successful as the korean version. It just looks like another generic romantic comedy. I don't know if I'd bother going to see this one...
  22. Racing Seats

    I've got a pair of Bride Brix in my car and I love them. Personally, I prefer to pay extra for that peace of mind. Also, less messing around with finding the right rails for the seats as well.
  23. toothpaste on your rims ? do you use the whitening kind ? i used Jiff on my dirty white rims... they're just white now !
  24. My car looks like rice and I drive like a granny... so I don't get much attention from the police... although I have had a divvy van change lanes and sit behind me at the traffic lights... I think they were just checking out my car though because they didn't follow me !
  25. I feel a shopping spree will be happening in the near future for me ! My partner won't be happy though... I washed and waxed my car when I should be giving him some "affection"...