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  1. R32 GTR Rims

    Wanted to buy section.
  2. Having trouble renewing registration

    That's suckie. The fees for the plates are ridiculous here, but you pay the one off fee and that's it. No renewal fees for as long as you have the plates.
  3. Having trouble renewing registration

    Can't believe you have to renew your custom plates. In Vic, the plates are yours as long as you don't sell your car with the plates or not have them on a car for longer than 6 months.
  4. What part number? (s15)

    Sorry... still trying to understand how to use FAST.
  5. What part number? (s15)

    Not sure if this is what you're after, but hope it helps.
  6. 60 Minutes Special

    The cop cars don't look like Australian ones. Just checked their website and it's set in LA. Interesting how they didn't include that snippet of info in their ads. http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=610556
  7. Is it cheating?

    I don't understand why your gf would be getting upset with you. The other guy is an obvious idiot that would have torn their group apart anyway. In regards to her kissing another girl being ok because you used drugs, a relationship isn't about keeping score. Your partner sleeping with someone else doesn't justify you cheating on her. All it does is create more mistrust and anger in the relationship.
  8. wow an aristo for under 10k on carsales

    Those kw figures posted in the ad look a bit funny to me. I looked it up and the 2JZ-GE has 169.17 kw while the 2JZ-GTE has 205.94 kw - which is still under the power to weight ratio for p platers. It is a big car though. The turbo model does drink a fair bit of petrol and it is VERY HARD to control the urge to speed. You might want to budget some money for improving the handling of the Aristo though.
  9. if there is a god...

    ONDGOE and tiger_s13, sorry to hear about your loss. I have a 4 year son and would be absolutely shattered if anything happened to him. Just think of all the happy memories that you have. Ensure that you never let the memory of their laughter, kisses and hugs get lost in your sorrow.
  10. The Price of your car...

    To buy a local car that has what my car has (4WD, VSC, sunroof, kit, a turbo) would set me back at least $35k. Sure, it would be brand new, but it's not as unique here as my car is ! That's why I don't have a problem telling people how much I paid for it.
  11. Autism is in the brain. I don't think this girl is autistic. Just blind. And talented.
  12. Need Opinions!

    i like the carbon middle panel. And you don't need to bother respraying it !
  13. How to get my GT wing back from Japan

    He doesn't want to leave the wing on or in the car in case it gets stolen or damaged.
  14. How to get my GT wing back from Japan

    Call up the airlines and find out whether the dimensions will be okay for it to go on the plane as part of your check in luggage. Probably also worth packing it fairly well to ensure it doesn't get damaged.
  15. Is it possible to Fit a RECARO Seats

    You can get S13/S14/S15 Recaro rails from homerrules. Not sure if a Bride rail would fit on a Recaro. The holes on a Recaro seat may not line up to the Bride rail. Better to get something that is a straight swap so that you don't have the hassle of dealing with modifications.
  16. some help on a 21st gift

    Diamond earrings. My partner gave me a pair for my 21st and I still wear them everyday. If you do get them, try to get the ones with a screw in back so she won't lose them. You could always take her on a shopping spree. That way she has a memorable evening/day and buys WHAT she wants.
  17. where to find decent lock nuts?

    Those lock nuts look like Work Royal Chrome locknuts.
  18. Sorry to hear about the break in. Stuff like this absolutely shits me. I hope you track down whoever did this and teach them a lesson in manners with a bat.
  19. I think those gold ones are Nismo LMGT4. Very hot and can be very expensive. You should have a look around at what's available second hand from Japan. Probably have better offsets for your car. Not to mention better quality and lighter in weight compared to the stuff that's sold at the local tyre shop. They also hold their resell value if you take care of them and decide to sell later on. Off hand, I can think of VSKF, Meisters, SSR Pro, TE37. Have you had a look at the manufacturers' websites ie Rays, Work ? The skinnier wheel will look crap because it will end up sitting inside your guard. You could use spacers to push them out, but generally not recommended. Don't forget to budget in money for quality locknuts.
  20. I didn't know the fashion houses made cigarettes. I know some places (ie Shell petrol station) sell the Cartier cigarettes though.
  21. Someone stole 3 of the blue caps (TE37) off my car. Pissed me off, but I got over it and just put plastic ones on.
  22. S13 wheel nuts

    Guess it depends on how much you like your rims. If you have nice rims that you'd like to stay on your car, I'd probably pay a little extra for quality locknuts. And blingcommander is right. Cheapies are exactly that - cheapies. Locknuts that loosen even though you've tightened them properly. Or get rounded because they're made from crap materials. Been down that road and it's not worth it.
  23. mates car got stolen last night

    will keep an eye out...
  24. Is it a male thing?

    I thought this thread was going to be about perving on underaged teens or something... but sh*t... well... I wasn't expecting this ! hahaha Pikachu ! While it is a disturbing image (perhaps she was homeless?), your description is hilarious !