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  1. help with cake

    Google is your friend: http://www.cooksrecipes.com/diabetic-recip...etic_cakes.html I made a chocolate/white chocolate mud cake on the weekend. My sister had a small slice and her sugar levels skyrocketed to 14.6... Note to self: any future cakes will need to be diabetic-safe.

    The car looks familiar. I think there was a thread ages ago about what the rims were...
  3. That's probably made it easier for them to steal the car - knowing where it would be parked and it wouldn't be hard to figure out the hours that you're going to be at work. Good luck with stripping it and I hope they catch the guys who did the damage in the first place.
  4. Partners / Marriage as the excuse?

    Cars are an expensive hobby. Take into account running/servicing/insurance/modification costs and it all adds up. Not only that, but in most cases, you have depreciation in value. I don't mind my partner keeping a car that makes him happy and another one as the workhorse. However, I wouldn't be happy about having several other cars registered just because he wants them all. And trust me, my partner wants to keep them all ! That said, I drive a sports wagon... and we'll hopefully be modifying (turbo and intercooler upgrade) it in the future.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully it turns up soon. Will keep an eye out for it.
  6. Gas (LPG) Consumption

    I've got a 2 litre turbo wagon on LPG. Used to cost me about $65 to fill the tank for around 350 kms. Now it costs me about $25 for 350 kms. So petrol prices don't scare me as much now...

    Plates can be changed... mods can be more distinctive... and harder to hide.

    Will keep an eye out... but it would help if you have pics or descriptions that would make the car distinctive from other pewter S15s...
  9. DVD players in cars

    I have one in my car. Keeps my kids quiet on long trips.
  10. Is a practical sports car just a dream?

    It would be a bit hard to find a roomy coupe. I guess it depends on how tall you are as well. Because you'll either end up with no head room or having squashed passengers in the back. Practical sports car... with space and comfort, I would probably head towards the wagons or sedans. Legnum, Caldina, Chaser would be the ones I'd consider. The Stagea and Aristo are a little bit bigger.
  11. toyota aristo, manual...........

    At the moment, you can only import Aristos with a build date between 05/1991-08/1997.
  12. toyota aristo, manual...........

    If the car is located in Australia and been complied, get the car checked by a mechanic to make sure that a proper job has been done on the conversion. If the car is located in Japan, be prepared to get messy. Aristos only come with an auto, so you'd have to change the manual box back to auto to go through compliance.

    Gram Lights 57 Pro do come in 18" 4 stud. However, the 57 F-Pro that you've posted doesn't come in 4 stud. GT-C don't really look that similar since you've got the detailing in the spokes.
  14. Wannabe Transformer

    The same guy is selling a motorbike. That car would be hell to get through compliance. Unless it was bought over as a track car. Interesting that there are no interior shots. I wonder if it's just a guy thing or whether there's another reason for it.
  15. fitting baby seats

    HTH, taken from the Vicroads website:
  16. Waxing or Laser Hair Removal?

    Neoskin in South Melbourne charge $70 for 5 mins. That's about all the time you need for underarms and brazilian. I've had 3 treatments so far. My underarms are about 80% hairfree. If you buy 5 treatments, you get the sixth for free.
  17. Waxing or Laser Hair Removal?

    Either way, it doesn't smell nice ! I think with laser they go over the skin area that you're targeting. If you're getting a brazilian, don't forget to ask them to laser the bum area. After experiencing childbirth and waxing, I've stopped being so shy about my privates ! Laser for underarms and brazilian is around $70 and takes around 5 mins or less. Legs are more expensive because they're a bigger surface area.
  18. This is what women do

    Out of curiosity, how old was she ? Ugh, I'm glad I'm not that clueless. Note to self: must ensure that my daughter and nieces do not grow up ignorant of basic truths of car ownership.
  19. Bride seats in S15's

    Well the thing is I do need full tilt forward reclinables as I do take my baby daughter in the back.............. Throwing a spanner into the works, Recaros are so much better with their tilt mode. Tilting a Bride is very irritating as it tends to snap back if you let go. Whereas the Recaros will stay in position until you push it back. Only problem I have with the Recaros is that they don't hug me as much as the Brides do. s15^AnGeL, I'm sure there are genuine Bride and Recaro rails for S15. I think whoever you've been speaking to needs to do more research.
  20. Waxing or Laser Hair Removal?

    Yeah. My partner came in with me for the first session. He thought it was incredibly funny watching me fry.
  21. Introduce Yourself

    woohoo... another Caldina owner ! Name: Eliza Where I live: Melbourne, VIC What I do for a living: SAHM What I drive: Toyota Caldina GT-T, Active Sport body kit, sunroof Mods:Fujitsubo exhaust, Cusco front strut brace, JIC FLT coilovers, Sard pod filters, Alpine DVD player, LPG conversion, pair of Bride seats Future plans: Turbo upgrade, intercooler, TRD 4 Pot calipers Dream Car: R35 Interests: My kids, cars, reading (mainly fantasy/horror), photography
  22. Waxing or Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser hurts. But it's over so much quicker than waxing. But the smell of burning flesh is a bit ! Ingrown hairs from waxing was what pushed me towards laser. Best decision ever.
  23. TODAY TONIGHT street racing shit

    I thought the cars on the tow trucks looked familiar...
  24. How do you mod your car?

    Rims could also be classified as performance. Light weight rims that fill the guards right... better handling.
  25. For EVO VI in Victoria: KAMIKAZE SPORTS AUTO 9872 6699 RAW PERFORMANCE IMPORTS 94192170