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  1. It isn't really that hard. If a girl can do it, so can you. If you ever have to do a Supra or an Aristo, I recommend you have a friend to help.
  2. Chinese Turbos

    So, at $300 a pop, you're looking at roughly 8 turbos for $2400. Replacing them roughly 2 months, means that the 8 turbos would last him around 16 months... I'd rather save up and do it right the first time round.
  3. Bit sad that I couldn't cruise with you all. But it was nice to meet and talk to some of you... actually, I lie. I only spoke to Chuubz and Luke.
  4. Looks like you guys had heaps of fun while contributing to a great cause.
  5. Donate to the vic fire victims

    Bio Oil... smells like crap... but damn, the stuff works...
  6. Donate to the vic fire victims

    Good to know that you had a safe trip. Interesting how you don't really hear much in the media about the existing fires. But that could be because I don't sit with my ear glued to the radio... 180sx_luva, moisturiser is your friend... trust me... I got burnt on my back but it didn't peel thanks to using moisturiser.
  7. Fake Tan Option - what's the best one ?

    So... a family friend who is a pasty white, claims that she has a skin condition that makes her unable to tan. Apparently she's also tried the fake tan. Came off the next day and she got her money back. But from reading that description, I think she might have just washed off whatever they sprayed on her !
  8. Work Rim Stickers

    Would you call them transfers then ? Basically stick it on, rub and then peel off the plastic to have the sticker transferred onto the rim.
  9. Work Rim Stickers

    I thought the stickers were precut ? Or am I just thinking about the older model ones ?
  10. Donate to the vic fire victims

    Perhaps this weekend's cruise could load up and head out there ? Planning to ditch the kids and support the cruise this weekend... so a nice long drive would be nice ! Ugh, luckily it was a minor defect, so no fine. Just the hassle of getting it fixed and going out to Vicroads. Been driving her for a year or so... so pretty happy to pass unnoticed for that while.
  11. Not sure if this is any help, but I checked out the ABC website and found this:
  12. Donate to the vic fire victims

    Well, checking to see if any friends/family have anything to donate. Might do another trip up to your place again. Hopefully this time I won't be defected.
  13. Durability of Bride seats

    The good thing about the Bride fabric is that velcro sticks to it. So you can get a piece of hard wearing fabric, put velcro on it and put it over the part that you rub getting in and out.
  14. State Wide Bushfire's

    Not only assist by donating money, food, clothing and blankets etc... but please also consider donating blood.
  15. Donate to the vic fire victims

    Will start going through the kids' stuff and see what I can drop off to you today.
  16. State Wide Bushfire's

    They stay because they want to defend their home against the fires. It's a choice of leaving early or staying to fight the fire. Leave too late and risk being burnt to death. Stay and hope that they can prevent the fire from taking their home and belongings. I'm guessing there will be a few assholes who will take the opportunity to loot empty homes as well. My condolences to all family and friends who've suffered in the last couple of days. Reading this thread has made me realise that I should contact my friends who are in the CFA and SES. I will definitely make the effort to attend a cruise when one is organised.
  17. I think you should contact the Red Cross and see what assistance you can offer. Also, don't forget to donate blood. They'll require it for the burns victims and I'm guessing supplies will be a bit short at the moment.

    Do you mean that it's internal drive (like GT-C nuts) ?
  19. volunteering? anyone experienced it before?

    There is an organisation called Volunteering Australia. Contact them or the state equivalent (Volunteer Victoria) for further information.
  20. toyota caldina vs Nssan stagea

    Serious ? Any pics of the dual sunroof ? I don't know... the ass on the M35 is kind of similar to the Volvo wagons...
  21. toyota caldina vs Nssan stagea

    Main problem I have with my car is the brakes. Really weak. Looking to upgrade them, but gotta find something that fits. If your friend does get a Caldina, try to get one with the Active Sport kit. Looks better than the stock one. Rims aren't that hard to find. Sucks that you won't be able to get something with much dish. That said, I've had GT-C, TE37 and Professors on my car. Currently have black Meisters. It's the family daily car, so it's auto. I used to get 350kms out of a full tank ($70 when petrol was ridiculously priced). Paid for an LPG conversion and it's costing me around $25 for a full tank (~320kms). Still ironing out some tuning issues with the conversion (idle is high and car feels a bit sluggish). Occasionally I'll turn the LPG off and run on petrol. My partner thinks the Caldina goes okay for it's size. That said, he prefers driving his tt Supra. I can't comment on how it goes compared to the Stagea since I haven't driven the Stag before. But I've had an Aristo, tt Soarer, S13 and an R33 GTS-T and it's pretty good fun compared to them. Actually... I have to admit, I can't go back to NA cars. They're just too slow and boring compared to these imports !
  22. toyota caldina vs Nssan stagea

    I think if you're planning to do modifications, the Stagea is your best bet. More aftermarket parts available compared to the Caldina. The dual sunroof is really cool too... That said, I drive a Caldina. The Stagea just felt too big for me (I'm only 5'2). I've been able to find an aftermarket exhaust, coilovers, strut brace and Bride rails. Been looking for an aftermarket turbo kit and intercooler, but haven't had much luck. Also, Caldina brakes are weak.
  23. I'd recommend the Jetport parking as well. Also, if you're an RACV member and book them through (either HolidayLine on 13 72 76 or at an RACV shop) you can save some spare change as well.
  24. my new tat

    cherry blossoms And what's the flower that the girl is clutching ? It's either a chrysanthemum or a peony... if the asian theme of the tat is anything to go by...
  25. my new tat

    Very impressive. Are the flowers cherry blossoms and the main flower a chrysanthemum ?