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  1. GTC wheel nuts

    I've bought cheap internal drive nuts from a tyre shop. Basically, what you pay is what you get. The key broke, the thread in the nut stuffed up. Lesson learnt is that some things are worth paying for quality.
  2. s15 and jzx100

    It does come down to personal preference. However, kids are a bit more difficult to sell if you change your mind. You'll find that a lot of opinions here are from personal experience. Myself, I've owned a lot of imports (Soarer, 180SX, Skyline R32/R33/R34 coupes/sedans, Chaser, Aristo, Supra to name a few ) and while the kids are young, you'll want the easy access you get with a 4 door. Not to mention the extra boot space as well.
  3. s15 and jzx100

    hahaha... if you're going to have kids in the car, then you're better off with the Chaser as Iron Chef has stated. Getting kids in and out of coupes isn't fun - especially if you've got a newborn. Trust me, a 4 door is better. Especially if you want to put Recaros or Brides in later.
  4. Caldina GTT wheel alignment figures

    Found this in another forum:
  5. Fake Tan Option - what's the best one ?

    She believes that she has a condition that makes her skin unable to tan. I think it might have more to do with her skin products.
  6. wake up call

    Sorry to hear about your friend. RIP Minh.

    will keep an ear out...
  8. House got robbed.

    sorry to hear about the robbery. at least they didn't get physical. hope the cops get the bastards ! and my partner thinks I'm overly paranoid about locking doors and windows...
  9. Siamese Fighting Fish

    What do you guys feed them with ? Those blood worms ? A SA at a pet store told me that they could eat pellets. I really hate keeping the blood worms in the fridge so I took her word at it. The fighters died and I am to depressed to get anymore.
  10. I've got JIC FLT coilovers... heaps better than stock suspension.
  11. The Footy Show...

    Previously, I preferred watching the NRL Footy Show to the AFL Footy Show... Not sure now with both shows having a new format...
  12. Depending on the clauses, there may be ways for them to wriggle out. At the rate that this thread's going, I assume the cooling off period has passed and the girl just doesn't care about the money she's losing.
  13. Caldina GTT Springs/Suspension

    JIC also make coilovers for the Caldina. I got a brand new set when the yen was good.
  14. +1 I would contact Consumer Affairs in your state and find out if this is the case. I wouldn't trust anything the dealer tells you - they want to make the sale and will try to bully you into compliance. Seriously, even though it may seem like a hassle, it's a couple of grand in your pocket - which may be a month or two's salary. Sheesh... makes me feel glad that I'm not ditzy about cars !
  15. insurance is a rip

    Full comprehensive (car valued at $17K) costs me around $700 with Just Cars. But it's probably lower because I'm a girl and I'm over 25.
  16. Isn't there a cooling off period ? Seriously, worth finding out your rights in regards to this situation. It's money in your pocket or in the dealer's pocket. Which one would you prefer ?
  17. Caldina gtt

    Can I ask how much you paid for yours and what mods you have ? I've got: - Active Sport kit - Apexi exhaust - JIC FLT coilovers - Sard pod filter - Cusco front strut brace - pair of Bride seats - TE37 rims - LPG conversion Going to install a Blitz boost guage in a GReddy a pillar guage holder some time soon...
  18. seat rails

    Could you just post a pic of your seat ? Some people in here might be able to recognise it...
  19. toyota caldinia gt-t

    Only problem with the Caldina is not many aftermarket parts.
  20. Mates V Girls

    I love the bros before hos comments. The brotherhood is great, but I don't think they'll be giving you a booty call. It comes down to the nature of your relationship. If you're serious about the girl, then you need to discuss how much time she thinks you should spend together vs how much time you think you should spend together. Depending on the nature of your schedules, it may be that she wants to see you more often than once a week. If she starts demanding that you see less of the boys, then I'd want to know why. If she has good reasons, then you need to understand and discuss with her. If her reasons are crap, then tell her she's being too controlling and you need a break. Just because you're dating, it doesn't mean that you need to become conjoined twins.
  21. Caldina gtt

    hahaha... that van is very funny !!! well, not many Caldinas in Melbourne... so can't say that they're popping up everywhere ! I've had the car for a year and it's also a GTT tiptronic. Haven't had any problems with it so far. How are you finding the car ?
  22. need some help from a friendly victorian :)

    Train timetable for Cranbourne line. Hope that helps.
  23. Real estate

    SRO - Stamp Duty Concession I think Victoria is one of the states that suck in regards to stamp duty. Yeah, I thought about the interest rates after reading the Home Loan thread. I think I'd chance it. The world is sliding into a recession. Jobs are getting cut and spending is low. See how long the situation lasts. Hopefully the Reserve Bank will keep cutting the rate. Once conditions look as though they're improving, I'd lock in the rate. But I'll defer to the professionals' knowledge. I don't follow business trends enough to make much of an informed decision.
  24. Real estate

    Regarding the First Home Owner's Grant, check the SRO website. Basically the grant is $7000. On top of that, you can get the First Home Boost which is an additional $7000 for buying an established home or $14,000 if you buy/build a new home. However, contracts need to be entered into between 14 October 2008 and 30 June 2009 (inclusive). Shop around and see what the best loans are on offer. Probably best not to fix the interest rates as the Reserve Bank has been lowering the rate every month. But seek professional advice about this. Also, save up as big a deposit as you can. Avoid the 100% or 105% loans as you end up paying more interest. Also, schedule your repayments to happen every fortnight. You'll pay the mortgage off faster than if it's set every month.
  25. Laser is also an option, especially if you like the smell of burnt hair...