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  1. S14 - BLACK SMOKE

    doesn't black smoke mean the turbo's gone ?
  2. Baby seat in a 180?

    we're going to put in some guages, aero mirrors, mags, exhaust, harness... car's too low for a kit... but thanks for bringing up the fmic ! It's going to be a bit tough using a baby capsule in the silvia/180sx isn't it ? Especially if you want to carry the baby in the carrier. I think sedans just make life a bit more easier when you've got a young baby.
  3. Baby seat in a 180?

    Well, make sure you have lots of head support. Kids tend to bounce around alot and fall asleep with their heads in awkward positions. Kids get used to the motion of a sports car. Aidan can fall asleep in an instant in the Skyline - he's used to the jerking motion and the BOV rocking him to sleep. Whereas put him in a quieter car and he'll complain.
  4. Baby seat in a 180?

    Isn't it a hassle getting in and out with a young baby in a coupe ? When I found out I was pregnant, I decided that we couldn't keep our R33 Skyline. Brought a normal sedan instead. When hubby went to buy a car, I made him get a sedan too (R32 GTS-T sedan). I just think it's easier getting bub in and out of the car - especially when you have to do an emergency nappy change as well ! On another note, interesting to see how many parents there are on NS. Here's my contributing pic. This is Aidan, he's only 10 months old and here is his ride !
  5. Baby seat in a 180?

    If you've got a young baby, make sure you get the one that is convertible. The seat faces out the window and allows the baby to lie down. When the baby is old enough to sit, then you change it so that they sit and look ahead. We got a Safe'n'Sound seat... around $170 from KMart... but shop around.
  6. Engine transplant?

    the swapover could end up costing more because you have to upgrade other bits in your car to deal with a turbo engine... and you gotta make sure the engine you're putting in is good or else you're gonna spend more money fixing it.
  7. Engine transplant?

    save your money... sell your car and get something a little bit more high powered.