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  1. S15 Matte Black

    Sex on wheels...
  2. Ebay seller nismo lights.

    are they genuine Nismo ? The box pictured didn't have the Nismo logo on it... seems a bit too cheap for the genuine AND rare item...
  3. Parents shaking kids excessively

    I guess the parents never warned him about the dangers of cars. My 3 year old son is very pedantic about holding our hands in carparks now. I guess my constant nagging has had some effects. But shaking or pinching kids is just wrong. And so is throwing them against a wall. There is always a story in the media about parents who have brain damaged or even killed their kids as a result. They should be sterilized and not allowed near young children.
  4. FOUND: Siberian Husky, Dakota

    Glad to know you got your dog back ! I dunno how you're going to reinforce your fence because dogs are pretty smart. if they really want out, they'll figure some way to do it !

    Homerrules has rails...
  6. i think it all comes down with what you intend to use your car for ie street, track or drift and then find out which coilovers is best suited for your needs.
  7. Reason for rejecting people

    Walk around Springvale and you'll not only see mums trying to look anglo, but their daughters as well... I don't find a 50+ year old woman in inch thick makeup and dressed like she's about to go clubbing attractive... but I notice plenty of the men checking them out ! I'm not saying the asian chick is trying to act white... just saying they want to look white... Me... I'm like a banana... yellow on the outside, white on the inside... and have you seen the price of bananas lately ?
  8. Reason for rejecting people

    Chad87, maybe you're dating the wrong kind of chicks ? Lots of asian girls now dye their hair blonde, whiten their skin and some even wear blue contacts... some even look anglo as a result! Find a girl like that and you'll get your taste of both asian and white at the same time ! *turn off sarcasm* I remember in high school, there was this couple. The girl was asian and the guy was anglo. I swear, he must have been at least 6 foot tall... meanwhile she was around 5 foot tall... it just looked odd watching her sitting on his lap !
  9. S15 Compliance shop advice

    1. There is a compliance forum that may be of assistance. 2. There are 4 workshops that comply the S15 - SOUTHERN SPECIAL VEHICLES (03 9543 3722), JAPANESE VEHICLE COMPLIANCE CENTRE (03 9555 9788), RAW PERFORMANCE IMPORTS (03 9764 8422) and IMPORTED VEHICLE COMPLIANCE CENTRE (03 93056770). Call them and get a quote directly from them. 3. Check up on these workshops and find out which ones are good to deal with. Price should not always be the deciding factor. I have heard of dodgy workshops where the work isn't carried out properly or things go missing. Do your research so that you don't cause more stress for yourself.
  10. 3 phone network

    3 are pretty awful... especially if you have to deal with their customer service over the phone ! The accents are pretty difficult to understand and I have to really concentrate... I remember trying to call my hubby (who was on 3) and being told that the number was not available. Called his friend (who is on Optus) and got through. Hubby's mobile was on, however, calls weren't coming through and the phone was working fine. Switched over to Optus now... no problems getting a hold of the hubby now !
  11. Opinions on Ford Probe?

    I have other nicknames too if he wants them... The Probemeister The Probster The Probinator Good tough names that your friends can call you to show their respect and fear of "The Probe". ShoDan, please consider.
  12. Opinions on Ford Probe?

    Keep saving up the money to get a decent car. What is your budget at the moment ? Probe... hmm... the name really speaks for itself... your friends could call you "The Probe" I guess... dunno if you'll score chicks that way. The shape is ugly. The rear is similar to that of an S14... I'm not a fan of the S14 taillights, but the Probe ass is fricken ugly ! As to your mates who think someone is a "soft unit" for not pushing their car, seriously, do their opinions count ? Rather drive like a "soft unit" than be defected by a cop, being suspended for a year, sliding into a tree or killing a best mate in the car through stupid driving.
  13. Bronze, black or even purple to match the car... any of these colours would look hot with the silver lip on the Meisters ! And don't forget to mix brand name lock nuts... in case anyone dodgy takes a liking to your wheels !
  14. Accident on Westal Rd..

    well... my sister is going for her motorcycle licence...
  15. Accident on Westal Rd..

  16. Car seized from private property

    I guess if he'd paid the bank, he would be able to get the car back as it was just impounded, not confiscated - which I think only happens on the 3rd strike. However, the bank has been looking for the car for a year or so... so it really belongs to them now.
  17. Car seized from private property

    Link to article: Hoon's Nightmare hahaha... sorry... but kinda funny... as the "hoon" in question is 42 years old and got told off by his dad... and the Calais is unregistered and has false plates on it ! And while the car is being impounded for 2 days, the bank will be repossessing the car after that ! :rofl: The car might be on private property, but if the police have a search warrant, then they can legally enter.
  18. Iron chef imports scammer :o

    Read this to understand the situation: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...244623&st=0
  19. Iron chef imports scammer :o

    No... go to General Chat and check out Iron Chef's thread... Basically Iron Chef has the said car for sale. Someone else pretended to be interested in buying the car and got details and pics about the car. This person is now pretending to be the owner and selling the car through Carsales. If anyone does get duped by this scammer, then they will think it is Iron Chef trying to scam them, when in fact, Iron Chef is also a victim of the scammer as well.
  20. Growing up

    My dad told us that mannequins were made from the bodies of dead people - like people who had been in car accidents... Scared the bejesus out of us for years with that one !
  21. For the De La Salle boys...

    I prefer to call them Bananas (in Pyjamas)... Speaking of acts of abominations... some 21 year old guy raped and murdered his 2 year old niece... can someone hand him a piece of rope please ?
  22. smash on burwood hwy.

    i dunno... been reading about a lot of accidents lately... guys hitting trees and there was a collision where 7 people were injured as well...
  23. Purchasing car interstate.....

    Check this: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/myrta/business_partners.html Basically you can check whether or not there is finance or any issues with the car's registration... rather that hand your cash over and find out that the seller still owes money on the car and have it repossessed by the finance company.
  24. Funny Cat pics

    hehehe... very funny ! Ceiling cat is watching you masturbate... Here's some more...
  25. hearts in atlantis

    Don't know if this helps... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hearts_In_Atlantis