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  1. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    She's finally back in action, went out for the first time in a year with some mates and it was bloody great!
  2. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    List of things slowing down the fixing process: Firstly, I'm lazy as f**k. Secondly, lack of moneyz. Thirdly, borrowed a heap of parts to a defected mate. Yeah. I'll post up the next move I make... some day
  3. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    That is what I did with tho motor I bought privately. I just a long motor off of gumtree, swapped all of my stuff over and dropped it in, and that is what I plan to do this time aswell Hopefully I can get an alright price, pretty strapped for cash at the moment! Don't need a turbo, got a mint T25 which will be replaced with a T28 once all of this crap is sorted out!
  4. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Wreckers are asking 2,200 for a Blacktop and 800 to install... so screw getting them to install it I gave the guy a call and he basically told me to get f**ked and blarted out all of this shit about his Auntie being high up in the Police force. He will get whats coming to him, Karma is a bitch Cheers for all the feedback!
  5. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Has anyone bought a motor from a wrecker (Grand Auto etc.) and had a good experience? Planning on buying one and rebuilding one of the fuarked motors slowly over a longer period of time! Need this damn thing back on the road!
  6. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    When my car is back on the road... I'm going to have to steal some inspiration from Primal Garage! Can not get enough of YAX 11T, that 180 is freakin amazing!
  7. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    If only I had the cash.... god damn it!
  8. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Yeah, its done 220,000! Somebody did one hell of a clean up job! It will be back on the road soon! NEED A BLOODY DAILY!
  9. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Yeah sounds like a plan ahahahahhaha xD Full of good ideas sean!
  10. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    I'm going to be a little more subtle than that mate haha, but he'll get whats coming to him
  11. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Awesome way to start 2013! Haha, I'm thinking about a rebuild.... but money is a problem at the moment! But now, I have 2 paper weight motors!
  12. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    UPDATE! T'was 2 weeks before Christmas, and all through the night. I was skidding in the hills, not a copper in sight. Spooling and fluttering, through the hills I did go. All this time driving, my motor soon to blow! Hey guys, so basically a few weeks before Xmas my motor started to knock a little. I was driving back from my girlfriends house with her brothers girlfriend following and after a short boost at 8psi, BANG! Less than a week later, a motor popped up on Gumtree for an alright price! I was hesitant at first, but after reading the ad and contacting the owner, I was assured the motor was in 100 percent running condition. 'Absolutely mint' according to the bloke. I figured, why not, anything to get my car back on the road! So off to get the motor we went! We spent the weekend installing the new motor, and everything went pretty smoothly! Now for the moment of truth, START UP! Upon start up, the car didn't run properly, but we soon figured out my O2 sensor was dodgy, that fixed, we gave her a little rev. The exact same knock that my last motor started out with was there. Cyl 4, Bottom end bearing.
  13. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    Went for a drive after fixing my belt problem and blocking off my standard BOV! Photos! Zenki, Chuki & Kouki all together!
  14. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    So yesterday my powersteering/whatever else runs off the same thing belt shat itself! Fixed with the help of Sean! Practically a fully qualified mechanic now We also removed what we thought was the standard BOV to get some flutters going,,, turns out it was some shitty emissions controller or something? Either way, removing that seemed to make the car run a lot better! Later found the standard BOV and took that off! FLUTTERS!
  15. 180sx, FINALLY back on the road.

    So far the 180 is going great, and I have my boost gauge installed and tucked away to the left of the steering wheel nice and neat! For now, I need new tyres pretty bad! After that, I'll be buying an intercooler, dump pipe and T28 Also I am looking for a drivers side window amp as mine is temperamental and decides it doesn't wanna go up when its pissing down with rain