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  1. R33 GTR rear subframe into s13

    So in Summary… Please confirm or correct. The all the cradles / subframe’s S13 – S15 and R32 – R33 have the same pin locations under the floor. S13 has shorter pins than the others, which can be corrected by shorter bushes. S14, S15 and R33 have better anti squat characteristics, geometry wise, than the older subframes. Drive shaft bolt patterns differ between diffs, but wouldn’t matter if going a custom driveshaft. Similarly, E-brake cables and brake lines could be made to suit the chassis.
  2. VicDrift Matsuri 2011 - The Aftermath thread

    Have been away from the scene for quite some time. Benry's brought me along and promptly made me work for the ticket Damn I miss it all! Was great to see some old familiar faces and to see a day run smoothly. The carnage was a little more than i remember, but with so many cars I guess it's hard to avoid all the time. Will be at the next one and in a couple of years i probably will be behind the drivers seat again.
  3. formula drift new rule on tires

    May want to put the metric equivalent up there too.
  4. Tubbing, opinions, goss, help?

    Raise the suspension if bashing doesn't work, your obvoiously too low.
  5. State Wide Bushfire's

    Kudos pete, Your a champ among many. My application to the cfa was regected a couple of years ago due to my location. Maybe that'll change. I do not envy your job at all. When you get a break n I'm up at the farm, I'll crack open a beer or few, n drive all 3 odd houses home
  6. 350Z VQ30DET

    Try www.vq30det.com mate... And as for starter motors etc, i think you'll find most VQ30de starter motors will bolt up.
  7. Blood Supplies are generally short i'm donating again tonight as i did a few months ago. My GF and her family are lucky n have thier house and all are well, but the same cannot be said for the neighbours. So they will be staying in their house for a while me thinks. At the moment, material supplies for fences, food for the surviving stock etc are all they need. But that's not urgent. We managed to buy up a large amount from a guy who didnt get hit by the fire and dispersed it to all the locals we knew. The real need is in the Kinglake townships, where the clothes on their back are all they now have. Thanks for the Gererous thoughts guys, keep em coming.
  8. State Wide Bushfire's

    Ok, made it into work. Those wanting pic's some are up on facebook. I was up at my girlfriends place in Whittlesea. For those not farmilure with full on fires, this is something i hope you NEVER have to experiance! I had assisted in backburning before in highschool, but this was totally different! The heat is extreem! For those thinking you can flee, the fire roard through 2km's in 2min. Changing the situation from we better start wetting down the house, to we are defending it. We were VERY lucky! There were a few things that just were pure luck all changed the situation from being rather fortunate to being devistating. *They had 1000 odd lt's of water last week n had the tanks filled. 20,000lts worth last thursday. They would be lucky to have 500lt left. *They had a second fire pump installed last week. *They had baught in extra fuel last tues as it was cheap-ish for the quad bike etc, that kept the generators going long enough to operate the house water pump as there was no mains power. *They had booked a bush fire expert two weeks ago to come on saturday to create an effective fire plan. He stayed and faught the fire with them. He's getting a Big Bonus. *My Track car and everything involved including thinners n paint etc were out of the Garage under tarps on the ashfelt driveway, me being a tight ass saved the car and possibly everything else. Nylon car covers singe, not burn like the cotton backed ones do as one of the neighbours found out. *Everything was out to get the garage 2 part apoxyied. That saved the horses, as they were braught in. Their stalls have not got alot left and most of it will need to be replaced. Damages so far: 1 house in the street lost 6 cars in the street gone 95% of the fences are not existant Power lines and poles are down Ember attacks seem to be fully controlled now Just got news this morning of the last MIA friend. they are ok, but like others we know have nothing except the clothes on their backs. Much of the livestock has been lost, or they are badly injured. There's been a heap of hay brought in for the animals and should last a month... just, as there is no feed left on the propperty. We're hoping for rain to help settle the 1cm layer of Ash and get the regenerative process starting. As stated before, we/they are VERY lucky and only had a low level scrub fire, the tree top and low level fires in Kinglake less than 5min away are untameable... the loss of life there will be huge. Last i heard on the radio is 108ppl confirmed dead, with many in burns at the Alfred not expected to make it. Visibility was 2-3m where we were, i can understand why there would be so many accidents as people flee. I wasnt there for the brunt of the fire, but we were up putting out spot fires till 3-4am sunday morning. May God look down n guide those still fighting to safety! RIP for all those whome didnt survive.
  9. Vic four wheel drivers

    Dissa (Mt. Dissapointment) is where i end up mostly when i Fourbe... mainly cos the missus place backs onto it and i use their cars Plenty of Tracks, many chicken tracks and a few mud runs, not so much now, but probably good to get your bearings. Maps are a must!
  10. Auto Trans Service

    Was gunna say knox auto's... they did my shift kit A+++ job. Not liking the sound of that attitude though
  11. urgent

    Randy's a champ.
  12. Hardtuned Oldskool XMAS MEET. 23rd December!

    Will be there, despite needing to go to work in the mornin! Will Drag a couple of friends along too...
  13. ^^ So youd take out the sign n destroy your suspension on the gutters?
  14. Hey, i saw that too!!! ^^Probably trying to impress you after seeing your car at the lights. Heard him sliding and turned around to see him mounting the curb in the bus pull in zone, then still managing to hit the curb at the mobil. Takes a great lack of skill whilst having all brakes locked up!! Next time think, there yould have been people waiting there! D*CK!!